90 Cool, Creative and Funny Nicknames for Robert 2020 Update

90 Cool, Creative and Funny Nicknames for Robert 2020 Update.

Are you looking for a cute nickname for a special one of yours? Don’t worry, we’ve brought you a list of Robert’s cute and funny nicknames that you can pick your precious Robert’s ideal nickname from.

Nicknames for Robert

Often, it can be difficult to pick a name for your little one. Some parents choose to use a more informal nickname when using a formal or classic name. This list of Robert ‘s best nicknames and origin of the name, can be quite helpful.

The name Robert has Germanic roots and is a given name. “The combination of two Old High Germanic words, hrod, meaning” fame “and beraht,” bright.

The Normans introduced it to Britain as “Robert,” where it replaced “Hreodbeorht” as the Old English equivalent.

How to Choose the Best Nickname for Robert

It is important to remember a few items when choosing a nickname for Robert. Next, you want to make sure that the name you pick is one that the person likes.

Consider Pronunciation

It is important that the name you choose is not easily mispronounced or rude. Prior to proposing a nickname, always remember how things are pronounced.

Think About Personality

Prior to choosing a nickname for Robert, consider the personality of the individual. A perfect way to choose a nickname that really suits is to make sure you first look at the characteristics of the individual.

Take Culture into Consideration

Often, who we are as individuals may have a lot to do with what our cultural context is. Look into the cultural context of that person when you pick a nickname for Robert. It is also possible to choose a great nickname simply by taking a look at their culture.

Popular Robert Nicknames

This is a common name that was ranked number 1 in 1925 and 1950. For a whole century, the Robert name remained in the top 25 names for boys. This year, 2019, it currently ranks number 122 in popularity.

  • Rob
  • Rhobbie
  • Bob
  • Ro
  • Bobby
  • Rip
  • Bertie
  • Robbies
  • Raby
  • Robby
  • Robeson
  • Robhy
  • Robb
  • Rabbie
  • Obert
  • Nob
  • Bert
  • Rab
  • Robbie

Funny Robert Nicknames

  • Roe
  • Bob Marley – Perfect for a Robert with scraggly hair or dreadlocks like the legendary reggae singer.
  • Sponge BOB – After the cartoon character, sponge bob square pants
  • Robber
  • Bobel head
  • Scmobert
  • Bubba
  • Bobolink – Like the bird
  • Rocky
  • Robby the Nobby
  • Boob
  • Reboot
  • Robobo
  • Bobo
  • Booby
  • Billy Bob
  • Robster
  • Rabbit
  • Hob
  • Bob the builder – Another cartoon series on the Jim jam kids’ channel
  • Ricky-Bobby
  • Bobert
  • No Woman, No Cry – Funny Robert nickname from the famous Bob Marley’s hit single “No Woman, No Cry.”
  • Trebor – Robert spelled backward
  • Dobby – Similar to the strange house elf in the Harry Potter Series.
  • Dobbin
  • Bobbit – Sounds like Rabbit
  • Dob

Female Robert Nicknames

A feminine version is more fitting for a girl if you want to give her her father’s name. Or otherwise, your girl can never claim ownership of Robert ‘s name.

  • Roberta
  • Bobbi
  • Robin
  • Robertina
  • Ruprette
  • Robynne
  • Bobbie – This was the name late Whitney Houston’s daughter was called.
  • Robyn
  • Ruppretta – Archaic French
  • Robina
  • Ruby – It is also the name of a precious stone
  • Robertine

Famous People Named Robert

The name Robert was borne by many Royalties from Normandy to Scotland. Also, modern celebrities and famous people that we know also bear the name Robert.

  • Robert Pattinson – British actor
  • Robert Downey, Jr. – American actor
  • Robert Reed – American actor, best known for playing Mike Brady, the father on “The Brady Bunch.”
  • Robert – King of Naples
  • Robert Francis Kennedy – American politician whose nickname was “Bobby.”
  • Robert Baden-Powell – British army officer and founder of the Scouting Organization
  • Robert DeNiro – American actor
  • Robert Burns – Scottish poet
  • Robert Ford Wilson – Son of American actor, producer, and screenwriter Owen Wilson
  • Robert II and III – Kings of Scotland

Nicknames for Robert

  • Robert Frost – American poet
  • Robert Arthur Kardashian – Also known as Rob, a famous TV reality star
  • Robert Marley – Popular known as “Bob Marley,” Jamaican singer and songwriter.
  • Robert Redford – American actor
  • Robert of Jumièges – first Norman Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Robert Mueller – American attorney and the 6th director of the FBI
  • Robert Stanley Dyrdek – American Skateboarder and host of the show “Ridiculousness” on MTV
  • Robert I – Duke of Normandy, father of “William the Conqueror”
  • Robert Todd Lincoln – Son of United States President, Abraham Lincoln
  • Robert Edward Howard – A famous pulp fiction writer and poet. He was the creator of the movie “Conan the Barbarian.”
  • Robert Edward Lee – An American Confederate Civil War general
  • Robert Jordan – This is the pen-name of the multi-genre author James Oliver Rigney Jr.
  • Robert I and II – Kings of France
  • Robert Plant – Lead singer of the rock group “Led Zeppelin.”
  • Robert Louis Stevenson – Author
  • Robert the Bruce – King of Scotland

International Variations of Robert

An understanding of the different variants or alternative to the name William is necessary. This may be your preferred nickname of choice for your own William because of the spelling difference or the origins of the name. There are many other interpretation and variations, but here are the few we know will intrigue you.

  • Roberto – Spanish
  • Riobard
  • Roopertti – Finish. You can use “Pertti” and “Roope” for short forms
  • Robban – Swedish
  • Robertino – Italian
  • Rotbtyht – Old English
  • Robi – Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian
  • Robertus – Latin
  • Rodbeart
  • Boris – Bulgarian
  • Rovertos – Greek
  • Raivo – Estonian

Nicknames for Robert

  • Robus – It means “little Robert” in Polish
  • Hrodebert – Old high German
  • Robere – Old French
  • Robertinho – Portuguese
  • Robrecht – Old Dutch
  • Rhobert – Welsh
  • Robbercik – Polish
  • Rubert – Old Dutch
  • Hob – Medieval English
  • Roibeard – Irish
  • Rudebet
  • Raibeart –Scottish
  • Hopcyn – Welsh
  • Rotebert – Germanic
  • Rupert – Dutch, German
  • Ropke – Low German
  • Robinet – French

As long as you understand how to come up with good nicknames, the nicknames for Robert are infinite. So, if you know any fantastic pet name we missed for Robert, add the nickname in the comment section.

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