40 Cool Nicknames for Anna That You Will Adore 2020 Update

40 Cool Nicknames for Anna That You Will Adore 2020 Update.

Anna may be a popular name, but it can be a challenge to find a good nickname for it, which is why we compiled a cool list of all the nicknames we might find for Anna.

Nicknames for AnnaAnna Origin and Meaning

The female name Anna is a Latin form of the Hebrew name ‘Hannah’ and is interpreted to mean “gracious” “full of grace” or “favored.

The popularity of this name is largely due to Saint Anne, the mother of the virgin Mary. Anna, in 2018, was ranked the 54th most popular girls’ names in the United States.

It is derived from the Hebrew Channah, which is a form of Hannah and the name of a prophetess of the New Testament who recognized Jesus as the Messiah.

Also, it is a royal name for a Russian empress from the 18th century who ruled from 1730 to 1740. The name of the title character in the novel “Anna Karenina” by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy appears in literature.

Cool Nicknames for Anna

If you’re looking for a unique, cute, cool, or funny nickname for a special lady named Anna, here are some excellent Anna nicknames:

  • Queen Anna – A nickname inspired by the fact that numerous Russian queens/royalties are named Anna.
  • Ana
  • Saint Anna – Inspired by Saint Anna, the mother of virgin Mary.
  • Angelina – A combination of Anna and Angel.
  • Anna Rose – A nickname formed by combining “Anna” and the name “Rose.”
  • Hana
  • Annabelle – Inspired by a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by John R. Leonetti.
  • Annelle
  • Ona – A Lithuanian variant of the name Anna.
  • Anabells
  • Anna Banana – It rhymes with Anna.
  • Dolly – From the fictional character in the American horror movie Anabelle, (featuring a possessed doll).
  • Panna – The Hebrew variant of the name.
  • Anabella
  • Anilicious – A combination of ‘Anna’ and ‘delicious.’
  • Manna – A combination of Manna (which is an edible substance with an unexplainable source) and the name Anna.
  • Anaconda – Because it rhymes with Anna.
  • Anna
  • Anal – A funny/mean nickname for Anna.
  • Ghana – It rhymes with Anna.
  • Annie
  • Nana
  • Ena – The Yiddish diminutive of the name Anna.
  • Annychka – Ukrainian variant of the name Anna.
  • Anarchy – Because it rhymes with Anna
  • Anna Montana – Inspired by the American teen sitcom, Hannah Montana.
  • Assassin – Culled from the 2019 action-thriller film Anna that featured a clever assassin named Anna Poliatova.
  • Anna of Arendelle – Inspired by Disney’s fictional character Anna of Arendelle in Frozen.
  • Anett
  • Lana
  • Princess Anna – Inspired by Disney’s fictional character Anna of Arendelle in Frozen.
  • Mary Ann – A popular nickname for someone named Anna.
  • Ann
  • Asya – A Russian variant of the Anna.
  • Anne
  • Ana Lee – A sweet nickname inspired by the fictional character in the poem “Annabelle” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Popular Fictional Characters Named Anna

Fictional personas that bear the name Anna are also a good source of a good nickname.

  • Anna Coleman – From the 2003 American fantasy-comedy film Freaky Friday.
  • Anna Milton ‒ A character portrayed by actress Julie McNiven on CW Television Network’s television series Supernatural.
  • Anna Lightwood – A character in the series The Last Hours, the fourth in the Shadow Hunter chronicles.
  • Anna – From the 2019 French action-thriller film Anna, played by actress Sasha Luss.
  • Anna of Arendelle ‒ Fictional character in Walt Disney’s animation Frozen.

Nicknames for Anna

Famous People Named Anna

When trying to find a nickname for Anna, a good place to look is at the names and nicknames of notable public figures who bear this name.

  • Anna Kournikova ‒ Former Russian professional tennis player and American tv
  • Anna Camp ‒ American actress and singer.
  • Anna Kendrick ‒ American actress and singer.
  • Anna Paquin ‒ New Zealand-Canadian Actress.
  • Anna Faris ‒ American actress, podcaster, and author.
  • Anna Woltz ‒ Dutch writer.
  • Dame Anna Wintour ‒ British-American journalist and editor.
  • Anna M. Chlumsky ‒ Professional American actress.
  • Anna Katherine Popplewell ‒ English film, television, and theatre actress.
  • Anna Nicole Smith ‒ American actress and television personality.

Do you know of other cute nicknames for the name Anna that we have missed in our list? Be a dear and share them with us in the comments section below.

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