Cork village in Ireland is suffering from continuous erection

With Viagra soon to be available over the counter, there’s one village where the locals claim it already gives them inhuman sexual powers – thanks to fumes where ‘one whiff makes you stiff’.

Even the dogs walk around with rock-hard erections in the Cork village of Ringaskiddy, locals claim, thanks to a Viagra plant which has been there since 1997.

Villagers claim that the area is filled with ‘love fumes’ from the plant, and that it gifts local men with inhuman sexual prowess.

Barmaid Debbie O’Grady told the Sunday Times, ‘One whiff and you’re stiff. We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free.’

Psychiatric nurse Fiona Toomey, who returned to the village after five years in America said that dogs ‘walk around in a state of sexual excitement’.
Irish village where Viagra is made ‘and even dogs walk around with huge hard-ons’
Even the dogs are constantly erect

She said: ‘I think that Viagra must have got into the water supply. I’m convinced that’s what happened at the very beginning before they were so closely regulated.’

Pfizer said in a statement that it was nothing more than an amusing myth.