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One Year Later, Sacramento ‘OnlyFans Mom’ has no Regrets

– Crystal Jackson –

Crystal Jackson is interviewed by KCRA one year after her sexy housewife’ persona page resulted in her children being expelled from Catholic school.

Chris and Crystal Jackson

Chris and Crystal Jackson made headlines last February when their three sons were expelled from a Catholic school after the school learned about Crystal’s work-from-home gig as an adult-only platform content creator.

“When anything like this happens, you realize who your true friends are,” Crystal Jackson explained.

When other parents discovered “Mrs. Poindexter,” Crystal Jackson’s sexy housewife persona page on OnlyFans, the family suffered abuse from their community.

They opted to leave their East Sacramento neighborhood after their home was trashed, a SWAT team was called on them, and they received threatening phone calls, texts, and emails.

After a year and millions of followers across social media platforms, their business is still thriving.

One year later, with millions of followers across social media platforms later, their business is still thriving, and they have no regrets about moving to a new section of town.

OnlyFans Page

Crystal Jackson’s OnlyFans page, which adults pay a monthly subscription to join, generates between $250,000 and $300,000 every month, according to the pair.

The couple made $600,000 a month at its peak. “She became one of the largest models on the world’s largest creation platform,” Chris Jackson remarked.

They are now freely sharing their platform knowledge with new or struggling OnlyFans creators. The Jacksons stated that they provide guidebooks and guidance to creators who contact them for assistance.

The couple also stated that their children are doing well. “We’re always asked, ‘How are your kids?’ ‘My kids are fine,’ I say. ‘How are your children?'” Crystal Jackson explained.

“We have another venture in mind. We’re just about out of time, “When asked if they had considered doing anything else, the pair responded no.

When asked if the controversy and subsequent frenzy of attention were worthwhile, the pair responded yes.

“It’s like, going through the ups and downs with the school and then the students getting expelled, and… the media, it’s like, it’s made our bond stronger,” Crystal Jackson said.

“I honestly don’t believe in regrets since you can’t go back in time and alter things, right?”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Crystal Jackson make?

$150,000 a month

2. Who is Crystal Jackson?

Crystal Jackson, is a Sacramento-area lady who rose to Internet prominence when her children were expelled from school after nude and semi-nude images and videos she posted to her OnlyFans account were brought to the notice of school officials.

3. Crystal Jackson Lives Where?

She lives in Northern California with her husband and three sons, ages eight, ten, and twelve, in an affluent, close-knit Catholic community.

4. How much do Newcomers Earn on OnlyFans?

 The average OnlyFans producer earns roughly $180 per month.

5. Mrs. Poindexter’s Monthly Salary is how much?

A California mother of three children who earns $150,000 per month

6. How long does it take to Become Profitable on OnlyFans?

Your account will be approved within 48 hours. HomeGrown Income was approved for OnlyFans in less than 24 hours for me.

7. Can I create an OnlyFans without a Face?

Yes, in a nutshell. You can earn money without revealing your identity.

8. How much does the Average Girl make on OnlyFans?

Most Accounts Take Home Less Than $145 Per Month

9. What kinds of Things do Girls Submit on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is generally used for explicit content, but a variety of authors utilize it for a variety of purposes.

10. How do OnlyFans get Paid?

You can earn money through OnlyFans live streaming by having viewers tip you throughout the session, and you can establish a tip goal if you want to reach a specific amount of money.

In terms of the future, the couple stated that they will most likely continue to perform OnlyFans or something similar a year from now, but they are already planning their next act. You may leave a comment and share it below.