Cup of four nations: the Canadian back to the U.s. in the final

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Team canada women’s hockey has got his ticket for the Cup final of the four nations, on Friday night, defeating Finland 3-0 in Saskatoon.

The representatives of the maple leaf flag will therefore be their rival, the U.s., in the round ultimate. They defeated Sweden 5-1, earlier in the day. The final will take place on Saturday, 19 h.

The formation of the United States had beaten the host team by the score of 2-1 in the preliminary round. Champions olympic and current world champions, the americans have won the Cup four nations during the last three editions. All of these victories have been gained against the canadian team.

In the clash against Finland, Rebecca Johnston and Mélodie Daoust beat the goalie Noora Raty, who faced a barrage of 48 shots. Laura Stacey has completed the mark in an empty net.

For his part, the goalie Emerance Maschmeyer has made 14 saves to get the clean sheet. It was his first start of the tournament.