65 Cute and Popular Nicknames for James 2020 Update

65 Cute and Popular Nicknames for James 2020 Update.

Are you familiar with someone named James who wants a nickname? We share a list of beautiful nicknames for James in this post.

Nicknames for JamesJames Name Meaning

A name that has held strong through the years, men have been a fixture on stage, screen and literature with the name of James. Writers like Joyce, Baldwin and Jones have made their mark on the world of literature with James’ first name.

In a wide range of movies, actors like Dean, Caan, Franco and Garner have offered us iconic roles and characters. For decades, the name has been a solid, constant nickname for artists and more.

But the name has a richer past than just Hollywood. James, the Latin form of the Hebrew name Jacob, is a modern descendant of Iacomus.

In the Bible, two of the twelve apostles had James’ name. The Kings of England, Scotland and Spain, and the six Kings of the United States Presidents have all bore the name as well, giving it a regal flair as well as a religious one.

Nicknames for James

Cute Nicknames for James

If you’re looking for a nickname suitable for someone with a sweet personality, here are some cute nicknames for the name James:

  • Jammer
  • Jamster Hamster
  • Jame
  • Jammy/Jammy boy
  • Jimmer
  • Jamesy
  • Jimi/Jimmie
  • Jams
  • Jim Jam: Like the cartoon channel for kids.
  • Jameith
  • Jake/Jakey: Derived from the name Jacob, which is believed to be a diminutive of James.
  • Bond: A cool James’ nickname derived from James Bond.
  • Jimps
  • Jayman
  • Jamboslice
  • Jamboree: A combination of James and the word Jamboree, which means “lavish gathering/celebration.”
  • Shimmer Jimmer
  • Jam

Popular Nicknames for James

Popular nicknames are usually shortened or modified versions of the original name. Here are some popular nicknames for the name James:

  • Jambo
  • Jay/JayJay
  • Jameson/Jamison
  • Jaime
  • Jimbo
  • Jamie/Jamey
  • Jimmie/Jimmy
  • Jae/Jay
  • Jim/Jims
  • Jemmy
  • Jas
  • Jamsie/Jamesie
  • Jamo
  • Jem
  • Jayma

Modification of James

The James names modifications, diminutive and short form are drawn from various languages and nations on earth. In these nations, some of these are names that James is called, while others are nicknames derived from the original name.

All of these establish distinctive and excellent nicknames for James, regardless of what they are. These names are:

  • Jago: A Cornish variant of the name James.
  • Diego: A Spanish variant of the name James.
  • Jakab: A Hungarian variant of the name James.
  • Jaume/Jaumet: The Catalan variant of the name James.
  • Jacum: A Friulian variant of the name James.
  • Jekabs: A Latvian variant of the name James.
  • Jakes: A Basque variant of the name James.
  • Japik: A Frisian variant of the name James.
  • Jaak: An Estonian variant of the name James.
  • Jakub: A Czech variant of the name James.
  • Seamus: The Irish variant of the name James.
  • Jaco: A Portuguese variant of the name James.
  • Jacques: A French variant of the name James.
  • Jaakoppi: A Finnish variant of the name James.
  • Jaakob
  • Jacopo: An Italian variant of the name James.
  • Jaakko: A Finnish variant of the name James.
  • Jayme/Jaymes
  • Jakov: A Croatian variant of the name James.

Nicknames from Famous People and Fictional Characters Named James

Famous people and fictional characters from tv and books can be a great source of nicknames. Here are a few of such personalities (as well as their nicknames) who bear the name James:

  • James Arthur: English singer and songwriter also known by his childhood nickname Raff.
  • James Rodríguez: A Colombian professional footballer also known as James Bond of Banfield and El Diez.
  • James I: Also known as the King of Aragon and often called “Jaime the Conqueror” (1208-1276).
  • Jamie Lannister: The famous Game of Thrones Character.
  • James Bond: A character created by Ian Fleming, also known as 007.
  • James II: Another King of Aragon, known as “Jaime the Just” (1267-1327).
  • James Potter: The infamous wizard of the JK Rowling series and Harry Potter’s father.

Nicknames for James

  • James Harden: American professional basketball player, also known as Step Daddy, No D Harden, and The Beard.
  • James Ingram Merrill: An American poem, also known as JM.
  • “Jimmy” McGill: A character from the popular TV show Breaking Bad.
  • James Garner: American actor, producer, and voice artist, also known as Slick Jimbo Jim Jimmy.
  • James Cook: British navigator/explorer and Captain of a Royal Navy who lived from 1728-1779, also known as Limeys and Lieutenant Cook.
  • James John Grant: World War 1 Flying Ace, also known as J.

Finally, do you know any cool James Nickname that isn’t here? Add it in the comment section.

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