25 Cute and Popular Nicknames for Xavier 2020 Update

25 Cute and Popular Nicknames for Xavier 2020 Update.

Xavier: Xavier is one of those lovely names that do not have a lot of nicknames. So, if you’ve got a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life called Xavier, check out these cute nicknames provided belowNicknames for Xavier

Xavier Name Meaning

The unisex name Xavier, meaning “Castle,” “New House / Home,” “Bright,” or “Splendid,” is of Basque and Spanish origin.

Furthermore, one of the earliest known uses of the name Xavier was by Saint Francis Xavier, a Spanish Jesuit missionary from the 16th century, who was born in a castle called “The Castle Xavier.”

Also, Xavier is more frequently given to male children than to females and is currently the third most famous name among Latin Americans for baby boys.

Nicknames for Xavier

Cute Nicknames for Xavier

Here’s a list of popular nicknames suitable for Xavier:

  • Clara – The Latin interpretation of one of the meanings of the name Xavier (Bright).
  • Zay
  • Javi
  • Zavy
  • Xavi
  • X-Man
  • The Bright One/Bright One – From one of the meanings of the name Xavier (Bright).
  • Zavier
  • The Wanderer – Culled from the American comedy-fantasy series, Xavier:
  • Xavian

  • Xay
  • Royalty – An alternative to the nickname above.
  • Xaviour
  • Javier
  • Professor X ‒ A nickname derived from fictional character Professor Charles Xavier in Marvel’s X-Men.
  • X
  • Agent X – A cool nickname inspired by special agent Xavier Dolls in horror television series, Wynonna Earp.
  • The Saint ‒ Inspired by Saint Francis Xavier, the pioneer of Catholic missions in eastern Asia.
  • Majesty – A nickname inspired by one of the meanings of the name Xavier (Castle).
  • His Eminence – An equally befitting nickname for someone named Xavier.
  • Saverio
  • Harvey – Because it rhymes with Xavier.

Popular People Named Xavier

When searching for nicknames for someone called Xavier, considering famous and prominent individuals who bear this name is a great place to start from.

Here are some prominent individuals named Xavier:

  • Xavier Robert ‒ American Businessman and Entrepreneur.
  • Xavier Adibi ‒ American NFL player.
  • Xavier Henry ‒ American Athlete.
  • Xavier Davis ‒ American Jazz pianist.
  • Xavier Abraham ‒ Spanish Poet.
  • Xavier Atencio ‒ American Animator.

Nicknames for Xavier

Fictional Characters Named Xavier

We have also put together a few fictional characters bearing the name of Xavier, from which you can draw inspiration for a nickname.

Here are some fictional characters named Xavier:

  • Xavier Bird ‒ A fictional character in Joseph Boyden’s novel, Three Day R
  • Xavier ‒ The main character in American comedy-fantasy tv-series Xavier: Renegade Angel.
  • Xavier Quinn ‒ The protagonist in the 1989 Movie, The Mighty Quinn.
  • Professor Charles Xavier ‒ A fictional character in Marvel Comics’ X-men.
  • Xavier Chavez ‒ A fictional character and the secondary antagonist in the Horror-Thriller film Saw II.
  • Xavier Dolls ‒ A character in the supernatural Western horror tv series, Wynonna Earp.

Do you know of a good nickname for the name Xavier that’s not on our list? Please add it in the comment section

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