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244 Cute French Nicknames for Girls and Guys 2020 Update

244 Cute French Nicknames for Girls and Guys 2020 Update.

If you are searching for amazing French nicknames for both girls and guys? Then consider yourself being lucky because you are definitely in the right track. Check out these amazing names.

French Nicknames

Having nicknames are always fun and expressing. People express their feelings with the help of different nicknames. Some are cute, some are teasing and some are very loveable. So check out these amazing nicknames.

For many people, nicknames are the best way to express the deep love and affection

We will address Spanish nicknames for men, women, friends and lovers in this post. By these nicknames, you will call your lovers, parents and random individual friends.

Hopefully, you’ll find the right French nickname for someone you love!

Cute French Nicknames for Girlfriend

The following are French nicknames based on general terms. These French nicknames are either soft or quite serious but can also be used as a way to tease your beloved one!

  • Mon chéri ‒ This means babe. Pronounce it with three “rrr” from the throat to make it sound even more French!
  • Choupette ‒ A cute French nickname for a close female friend
  • Poupou d’amour ‒ Boys can also be dolls
  • Mon Jules ‒ An elegant word for boyfriend
  • Choupinet ‒ A boy version of choupinette
  • Mon amour ‒ It means my love!
  • Kiki ‒ A cute sounding term for a darling
  • Mon amoureux ‒ My lover, this says it all
  • Mon bien aimé ‒ A great way to tell your darling how much he means to you
  • Bisounours ‒ Is he your sweet carebear?
  • Ma joie ‒ My joy, you can use it for men and women
  • Poupinette ‒ Extra Extra Small version of poupée
  • Pépette ‒ A cool nickname for a girlfriend you value highly
  • Ma moitié ‒ If you are very close to your half one, then this is the right name
  • Ma mignonette ‒ Use it for adorable little girls
  • Foufou ‒ Use it for the crazy boy you love
  • Chéri and chérie ‒ A great classic among lovers
  • Bébé d’Amour ‒ Baby love, a bit childish, but maybe he/she enjoy being back to childhood
  • Ma petite femme ‒ My little woman, to express your desire for protection
  • Mon chouchou d’amour ‒ How to express your feelings while keeping your child’s soul
  • Meuf ‒ Like Mec, Meuf can be used for your girlfriend or any female

French Nicknames

Cool French Nicknames for Girlfriend

  • Mon namoureux ‒ My lover, when you want to act like a little girl in love
  • Petite chérie ‒ Little Sweetheart, for girls with a big heart
  • Toutoune ‒ If you love to paddle and cuddle your girlfriend, this is perfect
  • Coquinette ‒ A cute French name for a naughty girlfriend
  • Mimoune ‒ A bit old fashioned but sweet pet name for your girlfriend
  • Ma meuf ‒ my wife/girl. Comes from « femme » – woman, upside down like keum.
  • Mon cœur ‒ It beats for both men and women
  • Ma tendre ‒ A cute nickname for a true sweetheart
  • Mon homme ‒ My man
  • Mon cum or Mon keum ‒ Derives from Mec. Dans les années 1990, on aimait prononcer les mots à l’envers. It means “My man.”
  • Petit diamant ‒ Little diamond, a powerful term of endearment for someone precious
  • Bibou ‒ Is he a sweet and kind soul?
  • Ma promise ‒ The promised one is the girl you hope to marry someday
  • Petite poupée ‒ Little doll. A cute French nickname for a cute friend
  • Mon petit vent d’amour ‒ this little wind will cool your man who’s getting hot
  • Mini Lady ‒ A funny little name for your best friend
  • Calinette ‒ Comes from câlin, cuddle. It is used for a cuddling girl
  • Choupine ‒ A medium version of Choupinette
  • Choupi ‒ A short version of Choupinette; a nickname to show your love for a kid
  • Chérichou ‒ Sweeter though less elegant than chéri and chou
  • Petit filou ‒ For playful and smart boys

French Pet Names for Girlfriend

  • Ogre ‒ For men with insatiable appetites
  • Bombasse ‒ For femmes’ Fatales
  • Loveuse ‒ For women who love passionately
  • Gonzesse ‒ When you are tired of saying, Nana
  • Nana ‒ When you are tired of the conservative version of girlfriend or just female friend
  • Lover ‒ For heartbreakers
  • Bitch ‒ For girls with a strong character
  • Choupinette ‒ Use it for girls
  • Ma dulcinée ‒ It means sweetheart. Maybe a bit too romantic
  • Amour ‒ love, actually.
  • Petite filoute ‒ Female version of petit filou
  • Mon gazou ‒ In Arabic language, Gazou means boy and should be used for someone who is sweet and charming – Use « gazelle » as a female equivalent
  • Poupée ‒ Doll, a classic for girls with an irresistible charm
  • Lolotte ‒ For someone who is independent and fun
  • Mon précieux ‒ My precious, mostly used in the black community
  • Chouquette ‒ A Chouquette is a delicious pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar and sometimes filled with custard or mousse. It can also be dipped in chocolate or covered in chocolate chips. Use it for girls
  • Mon bébé d’amour ‒ My babylove, be careful, girls, boys may find it annoying!
  • Loleuse ‒ A good pet name for a cheerful friend
  • Choupichou ‒ Use it for small choupinets
  • Ma chouette ‒ Owl. But “Ma Chouette” is an affectionate term used for a nice person
  • Mon chou ‒ This is also the name of a creamy cupcake… It means my sweetheart
  • Darling ‒ As it is in English

Cute French Nicknames for Boyfriends

  • Chochotte: A French term of endearment you can use to tease your friend if he is a bit too sweet.
  • Mon poto: It means good friend, as per a song written by Boris Vian – the famous writer.
  • Ma poule: A French slang meaning “My Sweetheart.”
  • Chef: This means boss and can be used as a sign of respect.
  • Mon grand: A French nickname, meaning “Big Guy,” it is used as a sign of respect.
  • Mon enclume: It means anvil, it is meant for somebody who means a lot to you.
  • Frangin: A slang commonly used for a friend or brother.
  • Frappadingue: It means crazy; the perfect nickname for a crazy guy.
  • Mon gros: A direct translation would be “great,” “grand,” “large,” “fat,” but in the right context, it means “My Bro,” which is a sign of affection.
  • Cousin: This nickname used to refer to “an informer” among Drug Dealers and gangs. However, it has become a common French nickname for friends.
  • Ma Caille: A French term of endearment, the direct translation is quail, but as a term of endearment, it means “honey.”
  • Frérot: A close English equivalent would be – Bro.
  • Asticot: This means maggot, but can be seen as a funky name for crazy friend
  • Champion: As it is in English.
  • Mon frère: It means “my brother,” you can use this nickname for a guy who means a lot to you.

French Nicknames for Guys

  • BG: It stands for ‘beau gosse,” which means hot guy.
  • Mon pote: A French nickname, meaning “My Friend.”
  • Pépito: Pepito is a comic-book hero. This French nickname can be used for someone who acts as a pioneer or fighter.
  • Bogosse: For a young good looking boy.
  • Mon artiste: This mean artist, it is a good French nickname for a friend.
  • Mec: It is commonly used to refer to boyfriends, but it can be used to address guys in general.
  • Belle gueule: Also, a great French nickname for a young good looking boy.
  • Mon précieux: The French nickname you should call your precious one.
  • Zebulon: A fitting nickname for someone who is always in action.
  • Boss: As per its meaning in English, it is used to show some respect.
  • Gavroche: The fitting nickname for a punk or troublemaker. Culled from the 1862 novel, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.
  • Gus: This means man and you can use it as you would use “Guy” in English.
  • Coco: A French term of endearment used to show warmth to someone you don’t know that well.

French Nicknames for Friends

  • Cousin ‒ Cousin, but used to call someone you don’t necessarily know in French suburbs
  • Chochotte ‒ A term of endearment you can use to tease your over sensible friend
  • Sœurette ‒ Little sister, for bad boys who want to tell something nice to their female friend
  • Champion ‒ As it is in English
  • Mon frère ‒ My brother. You can use this nickname for a guy who means a lot to you.
  • Chef ‒ Boss, it can be used as a sign of respect
  • Poto ‒ Shorter version of Pote
  • Frérot ‒ A funny version of Frère, close to Bro
  • Mecton ‒ Little Man, for little men who will one day become big men
  • Frangine ‒ A common slang used for a sister or close buddy
  • Boss ‒ As per its meaning in English, it is used to show some respect
  • Mec (M) ‒ Man. It is commonly used to address guys in general, but you can name your boyfriend like that
  • Mon pote ‒ My Friend. There is also Ma pote for girls
  • Frangin ‒ A slang commonly used for a friend or brother
  • Gus ‒ Old version of mec

French Nicknames

French Nicknames Inspired By Nature

The following are French nicknames for guys and girls from nature. These are nicknames you can call any guy; friend, sibling, and even a stranger:

  • Bout de chou ‒ Little cabbage, a nickname for the small and big ones
  • Petit chou ‒ As sweet as bout de chou
  • Bijou – My jewel. Use this nickname for a precious guy or girl
  • Vieille branche ‒ Old branch, for friends who have known each other for ages
  • Doudou ‒ You immediately think of the teddy bear you used to carry everywhere when you were a baby
  • Mon enclume ‒ Anvil, for someone who gives weight to your life
  • Mon lys adoré ‒ Lily, a noble and beautiful girl
  • Fleurette ‒ A poetic expression for desire, you say « let’s go and see fleurette »
  • Ma petite rose des champs ‒ Field rose, for a wild and colorful girl
  • Ma rose ‒ Rose, it is a cute French nickname for a beautiful girlfriend
  • Chou ‒ Cabbage, shorter than bout de chou, but as intense
  • Mon soleil ‒ My sun, not a single day of bad weather with him
  • Ma petite noisette ‒ My small hazelnut, a concentrate of charm
  • Choupinou ‒ Boy version of cabbage
  • Lila‒ Lila, Girls are fragile and fragrant like this flower
  • Mon coquelicot (F) ‒ Poppy, for joyful and natural girls
  • Mon pétale ‒ Petal, for fragile and poetic girls
  • Chouchou ‒ Just to say that he or she is the favorite
  • Mon arbre ‒ My tree, it stays strong even in stormy nights

French Nicknames Inspired By Physical Features

The following are French nicknames based on a person’s physique or appearance:

  • Belle gosse ‒ Same thing as bogosse, but for women
  • Petite ‒ Small girl, because girls will always be smaller than boys
  • Bogosse ‒ For a young, good-looking boy
  • Petiote ‒ For very small girls
  • Beau brun ‒ Cute dark-haired, for latinos with a manifest innate sensuality
  • Cœur ‒ Heart, all versions available; petit cœur-little heart, my mon cœur-heart, joli cœur-beautiful heart
  • Fripouille ‒ For kids with an irresistible smile
  • Ma belle ‒ My beauty, a passionate salutation or term of endearment for a sweetheart
  • Ma douce ‒ My sweetheart, it is meant for girlfriends
  • Quinquin ‒ This is how they call kids in Northern France
  • Filou ‒ For little and big mischievous boys
  • BG ‒ It stands for ‘beau gosse,” which means hot guy
  • Petit bout ‒ Small thing, we use it mostly for very little kids
  • Mon grand ‒ Big Man, for kids, mainly
  • Jeune homme ‒ Young man, to grab a man’s attention with elegance
  • Titenana ‒ For little girls who already behave like grown-ups
  • Mignonne ‒ Cutie, female version of mignon, but more poetic
  • Pitchoune ‒ The same as petiote in Southern France
  • Ma petite femme ‒ My little woman, use it after many years of common life
  • Pitchounette ‒ More adorable than pitchoune
  • Toudou ‒ For men as soft as stuffed animals
  • Gros ‒ Like Big Boy, which is a sign of affection
  • Beauté ‒ Beauty, a nice way to show your love to your beautiful girlfriend

French Nicknames Inspired By Food

The following are French nicknames derived from cooking, eating, and food:

  • Mou roudoudou en sucre ‒ It does not mean anything, but it sounds good
  • Loukoum ‒ Is she as sweet as Loukoum, the popular Turkish delight?
  • Ma petite fleur en sucre ‒ Sugar flower, a double pleasure
  • Honey ‒ Simply Bee-cause you like it sweet
  • Pomme d’amour ‒ Candy apple, an excellent nickname for your sweet little one, girls mainly
  • Andouille ‒ Sausage, for those who make little mistakes
  • Mon petit sushi ‒ Because you sometimes want to eat him/her in one single bite
  • Petit Sucre rose ‒ My little pink sugar, a good pet name for a cute little friend
  • Sucre d’or ‒ Gold sugar, for a sweet girl
  • Chamallow ‒ Marshmallow, the adult version of barbe à papa
  • Cucul la praline ‒ For those who rarely stay focused
  • Sucrerie ‒ Candy, who does not want to enjoy a sweet moment with him or her?
  • Bonbec ‒ The short version of bonbon, meaning candy, for kids
  • Petite nouille ‒ Small noodle, for small and « tasty » kids
  • Ma guimauve ‒ Another type of marshmallow to call your sweet boyfriend
  • Barbe à papa ‒ Cotton candy, for little girls
  • Mon sucre d’orge ‒ Candy cane, how can you resist his/her sweet call?
  • Chantilly ‒ Your girlfriend is lighter and tastier than this cream
  • Mon cœur au chocolat ‒ For your chocolate sweetheart
  • Régalette ‒ If your girlfriend treats you well, then this is the perfect name for her
  • Ma petite biscotte ‒ My little toast, for crunchy girlfriends

French Nicknames Derived From Mythology, Cartoons, and Magic

The following are French pet names based from on mythology, cartoons or magic:

  • Ma princesse ‒ All girls are princesses, aren’t they?
  • Winnie L’Ourson ‒ French term for Winne the Pooh. Is she gentle, friendly, adorable, and childlike, and then call her this nickname.
  • Mon héros ‒ My hero, if your boyfriend is your hero
  • Mon Tarzan ‒ Sounds like he’s ready to cross the entire jungle to join you
  • Ma duchesse ‒ Duchess, to express an unwavering allegiance to her
  • Cupidon ‒ Cupido, be careful ladies, his charm is even more dangerous than his arrows
  • Diablesse ‒ She-Devil; men do not resist her spells
  • Ma petite sirène ‒ Little mermaid. A good nickname for a girlfriend full of surprises.
  • Ma nymphe ‒ A cute nickname for a girlfriend that could be likened to a Goddess
  • Ma muse ‒ For someone who inspires you
  • Donkikong ‒ You better not resist him; otherwise he risks smashing everything
  • Ma Valentine ‒ A great name for your Valentine girl
  • Désirée ‒ Desired, to delicately express what she already knows
  • Mon roi ‒ Will your king share his kingdom with you?
  • Ma fée ‒ Fairy; a good name for a magical girl

Cool Nicknames Derived From Mythology

  • Ma schtroumpfette ‒ Smurfette, a romantic nickname for your girlfriend
  • Déesse ‒ Goddess, men bow before her
  • Mon Apollon ‒ Apollo, for the divine beauty of your man
  • Impératrice ‒ Empress, men are at her feet
  • Daisy ‒ A little more used in regions close to English-speaking countries such as Canada
  • Ma petite reine d’amour ‒ For small girls, in princy-ple
  • Cendrillon ‒ Because girls are as nice as Cinderella and not only at the ball
  • Mon ange ‒ My angel
  • Mon prince ‒ A cool French nickname to call your prince
  • Pépito ‒ Pepito is a comic-book hero. You can say that to someone acting as a pioneer or fighter
  • Petite licorne ‒ Little Unicorn, a great French nickname for a great small friend
  • Ma Juliette (F) ‒ If you are her Romeo, she’s your Juliet
  • Diablotin ‒ Imp, for small mischievous boys
  • Petit prince ‒ He may be small, but God, he is so charming!
  • Mon preux chevalier ‒ Isn’t he your valiant knight?
  • Prince charmant ‒ Charming prince, he’s grown up, and he’s still as handsome as ever
  • Mon étoile ‒ My star, no need to wait until nightfall, your wife shines all the time for you
  • Ma poupée ‒ Doll, because we all love to play with dolls
  • Ma reine ‒ Queen, a respectful word used to refer to your loved one

Cool French Nicknames Derived from Animals

The following French pet names are appropriate for friends, siblings, co-workers, and even strangers:

  • Pingouin ‒ You can call men like that because they’re cute, even if they dance like penguins at the disco
  • Poulette ‒ It is used just as you would use Chick in English, mostly for friends
  • Piaf ‒ Sparrow, la version old-school of Little bird
  • Titi ‒ Tweety, the comic book character who flees Sylvester alias Grominet
  • Moineau ‒ Another type of sparrow, we love birds in France
  • Petit loup ‒ Little wolf, for children
  • Grominet ‒ Sylvester, the comic book version of the cat that hunts Tweety, I am sure you remember
  • Ma loute ‒ Sounds like the female version of loup, but it is not. Use it for sweet girls
  • Minette ‒ Female version of minet, with a sexier connotation
  • Biquet ‒ Young goat, for women who are curious about life in a farm
  • Mon petit canard ‒ Little duck. Si si, c’est logique pour le pays du foie gras
  • Ma petite crevette ‒ Small shrimp, for all the kids, not only those who like mayonnaise
  • Canari ‒ Canary, she’s so small that you can hold her in your hand
  • Bunny ‒ This is the modern version of the rabbit, but it is less widespread
  • Ma tourterelle ‒ Turtledove. It is used as a pet name for someone you love
  • Mon petit calamar doré ‒ A squid is not the cutest animal unless it is covered with gold…
  • Ma poule ‒ Chicken, A French slang among female friends and girlfriends

Nicknames Derived from Animals

  • Mon loup ‒ My wolf, if you like small wolves, you will adore big bad wolves
  • Crapaud ‒ Toad, for the little ones who jump more than they walk
  • Poupou ‒ Use it to tell your daddy how much you love him
  • Minet ‒ Men are also small cats that we like to pet
  • Belette ‒ Weasel, some boys call their young accomplices like that
  • Crapule ‒ Baby toad, for grown-ups and little rascals
  • Chat ‒ Cat, doesn’t his look make you fall for him, ladies?
  • Pioupiou ‒ Baby sparrow, for kids mainly
  • Biquette ‒ Young goat, for men who miss the farm
  • Chatounette ‒ Kitty, less used by lovers
  • Bisounours ‒ Even more cute than a teddy bear
  • Nounours ‒ Teddy bear, how long will you resist his charm?
  • Canaille ‒ Scoundrel, for playful darlings
  • Matou ‒ Aren’t boys’ big cats?
  • Ma puce ‒ Flea, use it like “my dear” in an informal way
  • Minou ‒ It is the smallest version after matou and minet
  • Bonobo ‒ Not very nice for your boyfriend, but we know love is blind
  • French nicknames derived from General words
  • Mon petit caneton ‒ Baby duck, mainly for kids
  • Bichette ‒ Female deer, but it is often used as an affectionate name for one’s girlfriend
  • Chatte ‒ Pussy, doesn’t her meowing make you fall for her, gentlemen?
  • Mon petit chat d’amour ‒ You may say that when your kid is drinking milk at breakfast
  • Mon canari des îles ‒ Island canary, a cute French nickname for your munchkin

So, tell us what your favorite nickname on our list is in French! Also, please feel free to drop a comment if you notice a mistake or want to add your own to the top of our list.