Dad was right

Look at this article

Since the beginning of the new millennium, 12 different individuals have taken control of the ministry of Education. Ironically, at the time of the apocalyptic bug of the year 2000, a certain François Legault was leading this ministry.

A retrospective of the events we would no doubt notice a disturbing fact : the presence of fixed ideas in most of these people in power.

In sum, the illustration of a certain contempt for the science of education. The sequence of multiple decisions based on opinion or questionable assumptions. Patchwork improvised based on the mood of the moment.

Passion before reason. The ideology before the country.

To each their plan

In the capacity of spiritual father of the success plans and performance contracts in education, François Legault, has opened the way to the management focus on performance. Thus, it has been able to impose its vision of accounting education. With pride, we now manage the education of a people as it manages a big company.

There is not so long ago, it is the minister Proulx, who was doing his ” trip “.

He has cleverly prescribed a course of financial education; his enlightenment to save the young people of a future disaster. He created the famous Lab School. But his greatest obsession ? The action plan digital. An expenditure of $ 1.2 billion to develop “21st century skills” in our students. A phrase empty of meaning. An action without impact on the success rate.

Today, it is the turn of the minister Roberge : folder of free education to clarify, adding in special classes, creating a massive nursery for 4 years, transformation of the school boards in centres of services, compulsory school until the age of 18, adding an hour of after-school activity per day, etc

Since at least 20 years, in the great family of the education, one might say that Daddy wants to always be right.

If it has several ideas, he often tries to convince me that he holds the truth; the key that opens the door to any paradise to my scope.

And if I am not in agreement ?

Dad tries for me to handle.

Examples ?

The minister Proulx said : “It is necessary to cease to see changes as threats. You should see them as stepping stones. To do this, it takes courage. To deal with immobile in a first time and to explain a controversial decision or difficult in a second time. “

The minister Roberge, meanwhile, said recently : “My friends, we see the beginning of something. We are going to make of the changes, but it’s going to bother, I guarantee you. The more you settle, the more it bothers ! “

I know. Humility does not seem the first quality among the heads of the family.

Bah ! Life is so much more simple. With a big ego, it’s useless to question it.

Dad was always right.


Wishful thinking

For a lover of classical physics, inertia is proportional to the mass of a body. More it is, the greater the force required to change its movement will be important.

A concept that we can use to illustrate the resistance to change : the greater the number of individuals affected by a change, the greater the inertia will be large.

However, no offense to Dad, this resistance is not correlated to the relevance of the changes he proposes.

It is easy to gain political capital by agitating the spectrum of the ” you’re either with us, or against us.

Paradoxically, it is a speech demagogic in a world in which should prevail the pedagogy.

What is my wish in this new year ?

I hope that finally a minister of Education directs with a long-term vision. I would like to act as if it was certain to be minister for the next 20 years.

He responds to the invitation launched by Normand Baillargeon, in his excellent text For future ministers of Education.

It has placed its name in history, not for another patch to be insignificant, but as one who has ordered a commission Parent 2.0 ; one that will also carry the heavy order to provide Québec with a solid structure for tens of years.

I want a real teacher idealist.

Not an ideologue like prof.