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Whatever Happened to Luis Daniel Ponce?

– Danny Ponce –

As unfortunate as it may sound, one reason that any celebrity stays in the news, aside from celebrity status, has a lot to do with one scandal or another that they find themselves entangled in for one reason or.

Typically, if the dispute is about them or designates them as one of the prominent names related to it. They will remain in the headlines for a long time since they will be a person of interest to gossip-mongers and tabloids for a long time.

Despite the fact that this has kept him out of the spotlight, Luis Daniel Ponce hasn’t been involved in any major disputes or issues that may have kept him in the spotlight for years.

On the plus side, that means Luis has been keeping his nose clean, so to speak, and hasn’t done anything particularly dumb in the years since he retired.

Luis waved goodbye to show business following his final role in The Black Dahlia in 2006. Preferring to devote his time to his family and other business activities.


One might think that it’s unusual to see an actor simply walk away from the business on good terms.

They’d be correct in some ways, given that many actors who have come and gone over the years have usually been noticed because of some sort of controversy. While others have refused to leave even when they start turning consecutively bad movies one after the other.

Of course, the inverse is to keep making so poor movies that people can’t help but watch them because they want to see how bad they truly are.

It’s an odd type of balance, but it works and keeps people entertained, so it’s something that’s been going on for as long as the entertainment industry has.

Luis was fortunate in that he was able to exit the business without any major complications. And he was able to maintain a reputation that, while not widely known, was solid enough for him to eventually accumulate thousands of social media followers.

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Banking on his former reputation is unlikely, but the fact is that he did get out of the profession and earn something of himself since he’s taken on more than one commercial venture since leaving show business.

There will undoubtedly be performers who will remain on set until they are unable to function, as well as those who are actively attempting to get and cannot locate a good exit.

To be fair, he was a well-known actor in his day, but it’s also true that if asked, many people would certainly appear puzzled as to who he is or was in TV and movies.

And then faded out as they began to guest star on other series, or weren’t that great, to begin with.

Luis had his moment in the spotlight, no doubt, but he decided to take a step back and develop something for himself and his family that would be a little more secure and may possibly take care of them in the future.

While it is entirely feasible for actors to make comebacks and dazzle audiences once more, others choose to move on and find new patter.