Denise Bombardier: the woman pressed

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The other day, I was talking about these young people who wrote their life story before having lived.

I would have an advice for other celebrities who have the intention to recount in detail their journey : read the 457 pages of the autobiography of Denise Bombardier, A life without fear and without regret.

Then, ask yourself three questions : 1 – is it that I have led a fight as she ; 2 – performed acts which have “made a difference” like it or… 3 – analyzed the company as it ?

After that, we’ll see about that.


It is a chance, but I finished yesterday the biography of Denise Bombardier, a time before we learn of the death of Bernard Landry.

I had, thanks to the feather alert my friend Denise, to relive all of the great upheavals that have marked Québec in the last 60 years : the quiet Revolution, October crisis of 1970 (” the year in which Quebec has lost both its innocence and its purity “), the referendum of 1980 and 1995.

One thing struck me : mr. Landry, and Denise Bombardier loved both deeply and Quebec had for her big dreams, like a parent is sometimes more ambitious than its offspring.

In Denise’s case, what strikes the most is how this woman, that some still see as a snob and elitist, on the contrary, was proud of his origins more than modest.

Denise Bombardier is deeply in love with Quebec, because she knows the Quebec deep.

And one feels, reading it, how much she had wanted to distance himself from his father, to be coarse, vulgar. How she has been hurt by the fact that he hated her corner of the country, which he called with disdain “the Culbec” !

This is crazy : so that a small clique of québec to lift the nose on Denise Bombardier and ridicules its success and its recognition in France, Denise was constantly, to Paris, to explain Quebec to the French and love the culture in quebec by the French.

And if you want to laugh at Denise and her focus sharp, be aware that his mother tightened the belt and inscribed, a very young, in the course of diction of mrs. Audet for that, precisely, his daughter emerges from a social environment without horizon.

Throughout the book Denise is a tribute to the education that pulls us up, to books, to the meetings that we go out of our comfort zone, that lead us to surpass ourselves, to become more awake, more curious, more open.

It is a declaration of love to the things of the spirit, to the intellectual life.

Moreover, it is quite staggering to read it to tell the time, at Radio-Canada, she was interviewing with enthusiasm, Raymond Aron, Simone Signoret or Marguerite Yourcenar… hours of great listening.


Denise Bombardier is back on its many controversies, including his brave battle against pedophiles. To an editor who advised him to put the pedal soft, Denise was a day answered : “I will be ashamed of me if I am silent “.

It seems to me that this sentence, which sums up well the career of Denise, could be the title of his book.