Denso, a company in the past disorder

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The giant japanese automobile parts Denso, welcomed with open arms by our politicians, has had to fight up to the supreme Court of Japan to defend its sector located in the fiscal paradise of Singapore… in addition to having already been part of a cartel.

Last year, Denso has been criticized by Brussels because it was part of a cartel of seven companies that agreed to fix the prices of spark plugs and brake systems, according to The Financial Time.

Denso, however, has not had to pay invoice as the other because it is she who has informed the officials of the scheme. The japanese multinational has also had dealings with the tax authorities relating to income tax.

The taxes in question

In June 2010, the regional Office of the tax Nagoya has said that a subsidiary of Singapore was not subject to the exemptions of rules anti-tax-haven.

Result, she was forced to change the taxable income of two of its fiscal years of nearly $ 1.4 billion. In 2014, Denso has won a trial… but she has lost another two years after.

In the fall of 2017, after several years of wars in the courts, Denso has finally won its case in the supreme Court of Japan. The highest court in the land has said that the company was not at fault with its subsidiary in Singapore.

When The Newspaper recalled this story to the vice-president of the north american Centre of research and engineering, Denso, Pat Bassett, and asked him if his montreal office planned to pay its taxes in Quebec or Singapore, he revealed that he was hesitant.

“You know, it’s a good question. I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask the accountants and people responsible for the taxes. I’ll have to get back to you “, he said.

A few hours later, Montreal International has sent a statement of the head of corporate communications Denso International America.

“Denso is committed to compliance with all laws and regulations in force in the countries and regions or it operates in the world,” said his spokesman, Bridgette LaRose.