Disappearance of Edith Blais in Burkina Faso: the embassy “takes the folder to the serious”

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The embassy of Canada to Burkina Faso takes the file of the disappearance of the Sherbrooke Édith Blais as “serious”, according to a Quebecer who lives in this african country.

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Patrick Gagnon, who has offered its assistance to the family of Quebec, met on Monday morning, the authorities of the embassy who have corroborated the facts that he knew about this investigation, has reported VAT New. “They are on the search,” assured the Quebecois, in an interview with LCN.

“To me, they have reassured that they are on the case and they were taking it seriously,” he said.

The thesis of the abduction seems to be the one that is preferred to explain the disappearance of Edith Blais and his traveling companion, the Italian Luca Tacchetto.

“If there was a percentage to say, it would be on a 75% to 80% in that direction,” said Patrick Gagnon, speaking of a rapture. He believes that the next hours will be decisive in this folder.

No news since December 15,

The two travelers did communicate very regularly with their respective families, but the messages “stopped abruptly” since the 15th of December.

“Sherbrooke’s 34-year-old had to participate in a humanitarian project in Togo with his travel companion, an Italian, a young architect of 30 years and a close friend that she had met two years ago in Canada. They were expected by their friends of the organization Zion Gaia well before Christmas, but it would ultimately have never crossed the border or applied for a visa from Burkina Faso to Togo,” one can read on the page Facebook created for sharing information on this disappearance.

“The last I heard, the duo of experienced travelers headed to Ouagadougou from Bobo-Dioulasso to stay there 4 or 5 days and possibly sell their car”, a-t was specified.