Disappearance of Edith Blais in Burkina Faso: the search intensifies

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In the aftermath of the media coverage mass in Quebec of the disappearance of Edith Blais and his Italian friend in Burkina Faso, the research are active both in the field and in the political system.

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To the house of the family of Edith Blais in the eastern Townships, the kitchen turned into a real headquarters where the search operations are being coordinated with the help of, in particular, Patrick Gagnon, a Quebecer who lives in Burkina Faso, which has offered its assistance to the family.


According to Mr. Gagnon, whose research has been passed on to the sister of Edith Blais, Mélanie, three people would have noticed the missing Ziniaré, a city located in the north-east of the capital Ouagadougou, and considered high-risk.

In Burkina Faso, the disappearance of the duo of travellers has started to be publicized Saturday at the end of the day. Their photo circulates now a little everywhere and the air search would have been launched.

For its part, the royal Canadian mounted police attempts to geolocate the mobile devices of travelers, be it their cell phone or their tablet device.

After criticising the lack of support from the government of Canada Saturday, the family is now able to confirm that it is in contact with the minister of international Development and member of parliament for Compton—Stanstead Marie-Claude Bibeau, as well as the ministry of foreign Affairs.

In the meantime, the family continues to supply power to the page Facebook set up to coordinate the research efforts in Burkina Faso in order that residents of the african country could offer assistance or help in distributing photographs of Edith Blais around them, for example.

Édith Blais, 34 years old, was with his traveling companion and close friend, Luca Tacchetto, a young Italian architect of 30 years.

The two travelers did communicate very regularly with their respective families, but the messages “stopped abruptly” since the 15th of December.