Discovery of a treatment to McGill for a brother and a sister with the same cancer

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Researchers at the McGill university health Centre have been successful with their colleagues in france and australia, to unravel a medical mystery that could see a significant impact on the treatment of genetic diseases.

Researchers, intrigued by the cancer of a brother and a sister in Brossard, have pushed their research to understand why the children had developed the same disease only a year apart.


Thomas has had a lymphoma in 2015. A year later, her little sister, Meagan, who was nine years old, developed the same cancer.

“It was terrifying, it was impossible to have it in the same family,” recalls King Trinh, father of Thomas and Meagan in an interview with TVA News.

The source of the cancer: a genetic disease caused by the malfunction of a protein.


This discovery of two cases of the same cancer in the same family has truly enabled researchers to better focus their studies.

“It is fascinating that in our bad luck the doctors have found something that can help in the future, this is incredible,” explained the mom Year Ny Khut.


Their two children have had to undergo chemotherapy treatments and bone marrow transplants in order to eliminate the cancer.

But in the future, drugs that suppress the immune system could help treat people who suffer from it, instead of having recourse to difficult treatments and highly invasive chemotherapy.


This revolutionary treatment could help treat other diseases such as lupus, or multiple sclerosis. The research is ongoing.