Drew Barrymore sees the surgery as a drug

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Drew Barrymore is one of those celebrities who refuse to go under the knife to change a part of their anatomy.

She has explained to Glamour UK that after his fights against addiction to drugs and alcohol, she was afraid of becoming addicted to the surgery.

“I have a personality very focused on the dependency,” she explains. I’ve never taken heroin and I don’t want to do cosmetic surgery because they are two slippery slopes. I think if I try one or the other, I’ll be dead shortly. Not to alter my face, or to try to achieve a standard of beauty unattainable is one of my mantras. I have dark circles under my eyes, and my dermatologist asked me if she could inject the Juvederm, skin tightening, and I told him “No, but I’m going to go home and me putting on makeup under the eyes!””

Drew Barrymore also prefer to go for cosmetic surgery because she wants to give a good example to her two daughters.

“I think growing old is a privilege. It must be done with grace, humor, love of self and respect for the process. It has always been important to me. And then, I’ve had girls, and I said to myself, “thank God, I’ve always had this instinct.” Now I can assert myself even more deeply in this direction,” she adds.