Drivers quebecers to the rescue in California

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LOS ANGELES | Two seaplanes quebecers have been fighting since last September, the forest fires historical ravaging currently the California.

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A contract binds the government of quebec and the county of Los Angeles for 25 years. Each year, the crews of two CL-415, the properties of the Service aérien gouvernemental (SAG), will bring a strong hand to their fellow californians. Twelve crew members, four commanders, four co-pilots and four technicians were also deployed with these devices, said Martin Girard, spokesperson for the ministry of Transportation of Quebec.

Since a few years, they have more bread on the board as before.

“There are more forest fires in California,” said Stephane Caron, a spokesman for the SOPFEU, on TVA News.

If the drivers in quebec are recognized internationally for their experience, the working conditions are considerably different in the american West.

“It’s a lot windier, it’s a skill very great. Also, they will search for water in the oceans, which is not the case in Quebec. When they return, they must therefore ensure that there is more salt water in their tank,” said Mr. Caron.

The partnership between Quebec and Los Angeles usually lasts 90 days. The CL-415 and their crew should return to the country at the end of the month. However, it is unclear whether the quebec government will extend their mission this year because of the importance of fires in California.

The forest fires in the region have, until now, been 250 000 evacuated and 25 people dead.