Electronic cigarette danger of pneumonia

Электронные сигареты подвергают опасности пневмонии

The use of e-cigarettes is especially dangerous for the elderly as it increases the risk of deadly pneumonia. To such conclusion scientists from Queen Mary University in London.

A study by British scientists showed that pairs of electronic cigarette can be even more harmful smoke traditional tobacco products and car exhausts because it promotes the penetration of harmful bacteria in the air passages, which increases the risk of inflammatory diseases of the lungs. Monitoring of laboratory mice and people showed that this negative effect is noted as containing and not containing nicotine electronic cigarette. The researchers examined the impact of these gadgets on a molecule that is produced by cells of membranes of the Airways, called PAFR. Early studies showed that this molecule helps to hold bacteria associated with pneumonia, nose, throat and lungs.

The researchers watched the cells membranes of the nose 17 of the regular users of e-cigarettes in an hour after smokings. It turned out that the level of PAFR was increased by three times compared to normal rates. This suggests that people at increased risk of pneumonia. Therefore, instead of electronic cigarettes for the failure of conventional Smoking it is better to use nicotine gum or patches. Overall, the results of the experiments showed that e-cigarette vapor makes the air passages more vulnerable to the penetration of bacteria into the cells of the sheath.

If these bacteria are pneumococci, thus the risk of infection will increase. In the UK, pneumonia is the sixth most common factor of mortality, and every year the disease kills 30,000 people, mostly elderly and children. Every year 220 000 Britons receiving treatment for pneumonia.