Elisabetta Fantone finally takes her revenge on Olivier Primeau

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It is not a secret, Elisabetta Fantone and Olive Primeau does not agree very well.

While at the outset their “rivalry” seemed a bit played, it seems that the tactic of Olivier Primeau to eliminate the only couple of “team” Elisabetta (Mathieu and Valérie) has spoiled the relations between the two advisors.

They are often disagree with each other on Instagram and, in the issue, the tensions are palpable. When she discusses with her team to choose the guy single that needs to be eliminated, Elisabetta does not go dead hand to describe Olivier Primeau and even goes so far as to treat him “a liar” and “not very intelligent”. Ouch!


It is with a big smile that Elisabetta is output to the session for deliberation, since by allying with Cary Tauben, she was able to eliminate a couple strong group of the owner of the BeachClub: Léanne and Jake. Revenge is sweet!

There is no doubt that”Oli Premium” has not said its last word and that there is a risk of wanting to take revenge on the only “couple” that remains in the group of Elizabeth: Justin and Manuela.

This is to be followed!