Event during the fervent chapel forecast for Bernard Landry

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The organizers of a protest against the third link see no problem to gather in front of the national Assembly at the same time as the chapel ardente expected to honour the ex-premier Bernard Landry.

The regional Coalition of student associations of the National Capital (CRACN) wants to avoid creating an incident and indicated that the group should not remain in the vicinity of the fountain of Tourny for a very long time. The activity was announced for about a month.

“It is a walk. We want to act with respect. This is a peaceful demonstration that aims to educate people and tell them about it. For us, this is not incompatible, and we will arrange for that there is no problem. It carries a great deal of respect to Mr. Landry, ” said Eileen Veilleux, coordinator of external affairs of the AÉCSF the Cégep de Sainte-Foy.

For the environment

According to her, it is not a protest against the government. The speech could also stand a little further away.

“This is a march for the environment. We do not live in discomfort. Everyone will be aware and there may be a moment of silence for Mr. Landry, ” added Noémie Veilleux, who hopes to consist of approximately 500 to 600 people.

The remains of Mr. Landry, who died Tuesday at the age of 81 years, will be exhibited in Quebec on Saturday at the red Room of the national Assembly, from 10 h to 18 h, and then in Montreal, Monday.

State funerals will be celebrated Tuesday, in Montreal.

The opponents of the third link states that the project is not consistent with the needs and interests of the population of the region and is not a viable solution to the congestion.

Questioned about the presence of Québec solidaire in the event, the mayor of Lévis, answered that the population is already clearly expressed.

Not an issue

“The national issue, there is the following : there is a government that has been elected. And they did, to what I know, in Chaudière-Appalaches, 100 %. In the region of Quebec, there are just a red spot. The population is expressed as knowing that the position of the new government, it has never been disproved during the election campaign : “We are going to make the third link to the east.” Then we can ben say that it is a national issue, but the issue is already in the past. It is at the stage of completion, ” stated Gilles Lehouillier.

“We want to educate people about the impacts. It is always a subject that is unknown and one can never be too informed, ” retorted Eileen Veilleux.

-With the collaboration of Stéphanie Martin