80 Fantastic, Smart and Famous Nicknames for Brandon 2020 Update

80 Fantastic, Smart and Famous Nicknames for Brandon 2020 Update.

Are you finding it hard to come up with nicknames for someone named Brandon? Here is a list of the best nicknames for Brando that you can pick fromNicknames for BrandonIn some old English elements,’ BROM’ means ‘Broom’ or ‘Brushwood’ and ‘Dun,’ meaning ‘Hill.’ Brandon has its root.

This is also an Anglicized variant of the ‘Brénainn’ Irish name, translated as ‘Prince.’

Short Nicknames for Brandon

What are the short nicknames for Brandon? The following are short forms of the name Brandon:

  • Brân – Welsh form of Brandon, meaning “crow.” It is made popular by the Bran Stark. Character in Game of Thrones.
  • Brad – Surname form of Brandon.
  • Ran –You definitely can’t outrun him in a race.
  • Bee – Bee is a simple nickname for Brandon.
  • Andy – One who has a short fuse that can blow up stuff when angered.
  • Bran-Bran – An affectionate way of showing love.
  • Bee Bee – For a Don that is a sweetheart. Bee-Bee is also an affectionate way of calling Brandon’s favorite nickname.
  • B – A way of making Brandon feel so loved.
  • Bran – Short form of Brandon to make him feel at home.
  • Brant – A cute Brandon that all ladies love.
  • Brany – A Brandon that is brainy.
  • Don –The nickname is derived from the last three letters of Brandon. He is thought to be a strong guy, a true “Don.”
  • Den – He loves his privacy a lot.

Amazing Nicknames for Brandon

Is your little boy named Brandon? Or is your boyfriend named Brandon? If yes, the following are cute nicknames for Brandon:

  • Boo bear – Every baby called Brandon loves the sound of this, especially when using baby voice to coo it.
  • Andon – A beautiful Brandon like the god ‘Adonis.’
  • Branii – Every damsel in distress finds Branii as a favorite knight in shining armor.
  • Randy – Beware of the Randy Brandon!!!
  • Brand-o – My mum can’t do without adding the ‘o’ when calling me, especially when I have made her happy.
  • Brady – A very unassuming but likable person. When you get to know him, you won’t let go. Are you thinking of Tom Brady, the four-time Super Bowl MVP, six-time Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest American football quarterbacks? We are too.
  • Brad pack – You can’t catch this Brandon alone; he moves in a pack.
  • Danny – An all-time favorite of all Mums and Sisters.
  • Buddy – A friend that is more than a brother. Don’t we all need a strong but compassionate buddy?
  • Boo Boo kitty – Hearing this nickname makes me give my all to my darling.
  • Brian – For a Brandon with six-packs abs and a lot of muscles.
  • Brody – Why are you always brooding, Brody?

Cool Nicknames for Brandon

The following are cool Brandon nicknames:

  • Little Raven – An Irishman’s favorite way of calling Brandon.
  • Brandi – A Brandon who loves to make friends, especially female friends, and is loyal to them to a fault.
  • Brave – You can’t be a Brandon and not be brave; it is your greatest charm.
  • Brand – A brand identity for Brandon.
  • Branden – A Brandon who has talent, is cute, and handsome too.
  • Brandin – A nice variety of spelling, Brandon with an ‘in” instead of “on.”
  • Breandán – An Irish form of spelling Brandon which means prince.
  • Bran muffin – an endearment used as a tease.
  • Brekkin – A Brandon who is not concerned about issues that people worry about
  • Brain – The coolest nickname for a smart guy named Bran.
  • Brendon – A person who does not regard himself as important but is faithful to his friends.
  • Brandie – Brandi with an ‘e’ attached for emphasis.
  • Brandyn – A female variant of Brandon. Guys who bear Brandon and are sissies get called Brandyn a lot.
  • Randon – Called and spelled without the B.
  • Bwandon – A girlfriend’s cute way of calling Brandon.
  • Brandan – He is a solid family man with a sense of responsibility.
  • Randell – A Brandon with lots of hair on his body.
  • Prince – The Irish do love calling Brandon this name and spells it as Breandan.
  • Brendan – A Brandon that loves to be cuddled by his partner.
  • Brandy – For a Brandon that loves his drink.
  • Brando – The Brandon that ladies get attracted to easily. Think of the handsome Marlon Brando, who played Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather. He is a great American actor also starring in the Superman original movies and many others.

Smart Nicknames for Brandon

If you prefer clever nicknames, here are some clever nicknames you can call your Brandon:

  • Branton – A handsome Brandon who treats ladies with respect and is ready to attend to all their needs.
  • Brandito – The Italian form of Brandon.
  • Branson – An exotic version of Brandon whose light shines on those around him. Who better to look up to than the eccentric business mogul – Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Atlantic?
  • Landon – A contemporary form of naming Brandon. This name is made popular by the character in Dan Brown’s books/movies (including the Da Vinci Code and others) – Professor Robert Langdon.
  • Bran flakes – A Brandon that loves to eat anything in the form of flakes.
  • Donny – You can’t afford to miss out this nickname. It’s a stylish but very romantic way of calling Brandon.
  • Bumble Bee – This is a popular name from one of the Autobots in the animated movie, The Transformers. Kids would surely fall in love with this version of Brandon.
  • Braden – A guy who has experienced a lot, beaten by life itself but unfazed by what is happening around him.
  • Brannon – A Brandon that is fun to be with.
  • Donnie – Donny spelled with an ‘i.e.’ to make it sound and look so cute.
  • Bran the Builder – Also from Game of Thrones, Bran the Builder one of the First Men, and the founder of House Stark
  • Raisin- Bran – An avid lover of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, He goes gaga at the mere sight of the cereal.
  • Brannan – This Brandon is career-oriented. However, he still creates time to enjoy other recreational activities around him. He is fun to be with despite his busy schedule.

Funny Nicknames for Brandon

Funny Brandon nicknames are the best name you might call Brandon!

  • Bang-don – When you realize that Brandon can be split into two syllables, you realize there are so many nicknames you can come up with.
  • Warg – Bran, the Game of Thrones character was a Warg, which means he could see through the eyes of animals and control them.
  • Ball – An excellent football player in the making.
  • Bran man – He’s got the weirdest hippie personality.
  • Branny wanny – A Brandon that is always involved in stupid activities.
  • Bran bean – His favorite food is beans…and some bran bread too.
  • Rand – A reference to the South African Currency.
  • Brandork – Don’t you act dorky like Brandon?
  • Brand aid – Always having Band-Aid on his body due to cuts from slipping at play.
  • Bran-cock – Brancock sounds like Bangkok, and it is a hilarious name for a guy named Brandon, especially if he’s a dick.
  • Brandonly – For a Brandon that acts like an old man.
  • B-dog – You can’t see him without his dog.
  • Bray-bray – For a masculine Brandon who loves to show off.
  • Brandid – This is for a Brandon that is a Heavy ‘D.’
  • Barney – Bran becomes Barn, Barn evolves to Barney.
  • Brah – As cool as a Brandon can be.
  • Stark – A Game of Thrones reference; a reference to Brandon Stark.
  • Brandini weenie – My cute little brother who loves to whine till he gets his way.
  • Three-eyed Raven – Another Game of Thrones Reference; Bran became the Three-eyed Raven who can see the past.
  • Brian – Why does everyone keep calling me “Brian.” My Name is Bran, not Brian, Brandon not Brian.
  • Brand man – A superhero fire-fighter.

Nicknames for Brandon

Famous People Named Brandon

The names of famous individuals or popular TV characters inspire a lot of baby names. So, it’s unsurprising that a big source of good nicknames is famous individuals or characters. Popular individuals and TV characters named Bran include the following:

  • Brandon “The Wonder Dog” – Punky Brewster’s dog on the famous ’80s children’s sitcom.
  • Brandon Lee – Son of Chinese-American actor, the great Bruce Lee, who was also a great actor and martial artist
  • Colonel Brandon – A character from Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility.”
  • Brandon Cruz – A child actor and punk rocker in the 70s series “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.”
  • Brandon Montour – A professional hockey player with Anaheim Ducks
  • Brandon Stanton – A photographer of Humans of New York and also a Blogger
  • Brandon (Bran) Stark – A brother of Arya Stark in HBO series, Game of Thrones. Bran has supernatural powers, is a Warg, and goes into a trance where he sees the past play out like a real-time movie.

Do you know any good nicknames for Brandon that isn’t on this list? Share them with us in the comments section

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