FINALLY, you can order products Glossier in Quebec

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Finally, the wait is over : Glossier is now available in Quebec!

The brand darling of many “beauty guru”s and stars hollywood has (finally!) translated its web site for the quebec public, who can now order its products online.

It will therefore be possible to have your order delivered directly to your doorstep the best sellers of the brand, such as the gel for eyebrows “Boy Brow” facial cleanser “Milky Jelly Cleanser and the famous” eye shadows “Lidstar”, worshiped the stars!

Boy Brow is$ 20,


Cleaner Milky Jelly, 22$,


Eye shadows liquid Lidstar, 22$,

Products that have all been tested and approved by team billie jean!

A small downside : it seems to have some problems from the point of view of the translation of the website, since it is found both in English and French on the page Canada(FR).

A problem that may be resolved soon, hopefully!

To go, you’re shopping!


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