First anniversary of the lock-out : the syndicated show

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BÉCANCOUR – employees of the Bécancour Smelter gathered Friday in front of the county office of the deputy caquiste local Donald Martel to mark the first anniversary of their lock-out and request the intervention of the government in the folder.

Hundreds of workers and supporters attended the gathering.

“It is a sad anniversary that emphasized today the 1030 lockoutés of the Bécancour Smelter, said the Steelworkers Union in a press release. This is a year now, even before the union representatives were unable to explain the reasons for the refusal of offers of employers, of the proud-to-arms, expelled the workers from the factory at 3 am in the morning, preventing them to take their shower, to get rid of toxic contaminants.”

The heart was not necessarily at the party at the rally, Friday afternoon, was able to see TVA Nouvelles on-site.

“Yes, people find it long, but they are not discouraged and still want a negotiated agreement”, explained the president of the united Steelworkers Union, the compassionate, the Mass, who participated in the event.

Of the union’s members to other aluminium smelters in Quebec have moved to support their colleagues in Bécancour, morally, but also financially, to support the continuation of the trade union struggle.

“At home, we voted for a special assessment of $ 25 per worker, per week, underlined Alexandre Fréchette, the chair of the trade Union of workers of the aluminium of Alma. It is $ 15 000 per week-that given to the people of the ABI to support them.”

The members have also taken advantage of the event to relaunch the prime minister François Legault, who had promised during the election campaign the issue of the lockout at the ABI would be a “priority,””, deploring the fact that the negotiations are still at an impasse after a year of conflict.

The Bécancour Smelter belongs to Alcoa (75 %) and Rio Tinto (25 %).