100 Funny Running Team Names That You Will Love 2020 Update

100 Funny Running Team Names That You Will Love 2020 Update.

Choosing a name for your running team sometimes has to do with the team members’ personality. Names are merely a reflection of the team’s personality.

Funny Running Team Names

If your team consists of funny people, then you can just go ahead with a funny name that keeps your team as jovial and relaxed as possible. Below are some of the wonderful funny names of running teams that we have added to for you to choose from.

Funny Running Team Names

If you’re looking for a humorous or downright silly name to keep your running team as jovial and laidback as possible, here are some fun names for a running team:

  • Ostrich Wannabes
  • Stinky Behavior
  • Legs Be Aching
  • Reeky Comrades
  • Commotion Army
  • Overeaten Again
  • Scared To Run
  • Slimy Running
  • Naked Legs
  • Dumbo Running
  • Run Not Rum

Running Team Names

  • Legs Be Slippery
  • Shhh, now run
  • Who’s In Last Place?
  • Yay For Fast Walkers
  • Touch Your Shoelace
  • Shake ‘n’ Go
  • Can’t Run With Us
  • Furious Feet
  • Run From Shame
  • We Stole Something
  • Legs Like Hammers
  • Run Like-A Chicken
  • How’s Our Running?
  • Where’s The Towel?
  • Run Like A Baby
  • Where’s The Finish Line?
  • Fueled By Coffee
  • Muddy Run
  • Springy Legs
  • From Phat To Skinny
  • Fit Like Sticks
  • Sweaty Sacrifice
  • Drag To The Finish Line
  • Tired Toes
  • Flushed Out
  • Run For Ya Life
  • Covered In Blisters
  • Rods For Legs
  • Crack Dem Bones
  • Sweet Water, Sweat Water
  • There Goes Our Fat
  • Fun ‘n’ Sore
  • Rascal Movement
  • Greased Feet
  • Broken Feet
  • Fast As The Internet
  • Feet Be Killin’
  • Itchy Feet
  • Vitamin D Druggies

Funny Running Team Names

  • Running In Heels
  • Sand Attack
  • Sweat & Sneakers
  • Disorderly Tracks
  • Miserable Runners
  • Move Ya Soles
  • Like Zombies Were Coming
  • Rattling Legs
  • Drowned In Sweat
  • Awkward Legs
  • Running Like We’re Crazy
  • Less Talkin’, More Runnin’
  • Lazy Legs Club
  • Legs Fell Asleep
  • Running Outta Fat
  • Granny Legs
  • Kangaroo-nians
  • Time To Run Away
  • Sticky Sissies
  • Legs-A-GoGo
  • For Ugly Toenails
  • Young But Breathless

Funny Running Team Names

  • Commotion Army
  • Mud Don’t Stop Us
  • Jello Legs
  • We’d Be Running Late
  • Fatties Parade
  • Busy Throttling
  • Dang Moves
  • Rat Racers
  • Turtle Legs
  • Outracing Laziness
  • Pressured Into Running
  • Misfits Only
  • Laziness Be Gone
  • Be Like Sonic
  • Make It Stop
  • Jiggle & Jump
  • Cramps For What?
  • Fat Feet Club
  • Roadside Duties
  • Next Door Ghosts
  • Silly Gooses On The Loose
  • Slowed Down
  • We Think We Ran
  • Legs On Speed Dial
  • Aching Like We Mean It
  • Squeaky Feet
  • Close To Collapsing

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