Gaza: “exchange of gunfire” during a israeli operation, six dead

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The israeli military reported an exchange of gunfire Sunday during an operation that it has conducted in the Gaza strip, where six people were killed, according to the ministry of Health in the palestinian enclave.

A leader of the military wing of Hamas, the islamist movement in power in Gaza, is part of the victims, said a hospital in the palestinian enclave.

“In the course of an operation (israeli military) in the Gaza strip, an exchange of gunfire took place,” said the army in a press release.

Sources of palestinian security have claimed that the clashes had occurred to the east of Khan Younis, in the south of the enclave, without giving more details.

According to the spokesperson of the ministry from gaza of Health, Ashraf al-Qodra, six Palestinians have been killed.

After the clashes, sirens sounded in southern Israel, warning against possible rocket fire from the Gaza strip.

The spokesman of the israeli army, Jonathan Conricus, has ensured that all of the israeli soldiers involved in the operation were returned to Israel.

Israeli forces have carried out “an operation in Gaza, which has led to an exchange of fire”, he wrote on Twitter.

“All the soldiers are back in Israel. Several alarms have been sounded in the south of Israel”, he added.

A Hamas spokesman, has denounced an “israeli attack cowardly.”