General Motors is going to market cars affordable to the emerging countries

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NEW YORK | General Motors (GM), in full restructuring, announced on Friday the marketing as of this year cars affordable for the emerging countries and plans to turn its Cadillac brand into a manufacturer of premium electric vehicles to compete with Tesla.

Cars with cheap prices, most under the Chevrolet brand, will be sold in China, India, Mexico and South America (Brazil), regions where they will also be produced, has detailed the manufacturer in the documents addressed to the investors.


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They will also be exported to other emerging countries, but GM does not sell in Europe and the United States. In this last country, the giant of Detroit announced in November that cuts thousands of jobs and the closure of factories, to the chagrin of the president, Donald Trump.

By producing and selling affordable vehicles in emerging countries, GM hopes to reduce its costs and its exposure to trade tensions, as well as limit the impact of currency fluctuations.

The automaker, which is allied with the public constructor with the chinese SAIC, hopes to produce a little more than 2 million cars are affordable each year.

It happens, however, late in this niche already invested by the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and germany’s Volkswagen.

The american group, which has invested 5 billion dollars in this initiative, intends to equip these cars with the latest technology in term of security and promises that their CO2 emissions will be up to the standards.

GM is, however, remained silent about details regarding the first Cadillac electric.

He has not revealed, nor their place of assembly or the date of commencement of production. No information has filtered on the type of vehicle that it will be: a sedan, an SUV or a crossover?

The group of Mary Barra was just up here for the manufacture of electric cars under its Chevrolet brand (Chevrolet Volt, which it has decided to stop the production, and the Chevrolet Bolt), without winning the commercial success expected.

The offensive of GM in the electric comes at a time when Tesla has just announced the construction of Shanghai plant of electric cars, whose production will be exclusively destined for the chinese market.

However, China is the largest market for Cadillac, with annual sales have reached for the first time the symbolic threshold of 200 000 units last year, up 17.2%, while the industry recorded a decline of 5.8%.