Green before the time

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With Écotopia, the american writer and journalist Ernest Callenbach has signed a great classic of the literature of the ecologist. A book to discover or rediscover.

Oddly enough, we had the desire to begin the year with a book dating back to 1975, Editions Rue of the exchequer, having had the nice idea to re-edit (and translate in French !) Écotopia. At the time, this book quickly sold hundreds of thousands of copies, because it was one of the first real utopias environmental to make its appearance on bookstore shelves. But as it was then much too young to devour something other than the books of the Library, pink or green, it comes in fact only just discovered that old best-seller !

The story takes place in 1999 – which is reminiscent of the television series of science-fiction Cosmos 1999 ! –, while no United States of America has never set foot in Écotopia, a small country that has emerged on the maps of twenty years earlier, when California, Oregon and the State of Washington are separated from the rest of the United States to form a society advocating for the environment in all its forms (systematic recycling, clean energy, return to nature, self-service bicycles, organic farming, etc).


An international relations specialist, journalist for the Times-Post by William Weston will have the mission to initiate diplomatic initiatives to mitigate the deaf rancour caused by this secession. And in doing so, through his articles and his personal notes, he will discover little by little why the Écotopiens have everything to be happy and why is this book of the precepts in the avant-garde worked so hard 40 years ago… even if its style is far from being great.

Thrills guaranteed



Don Winslow

To harpercollins, 592 pages

With this new crime novel that only gets praise since its release, the american writer Don Winslow transports us from the outset in New York. The New York Irish Denny Malone, inspector’s flagship Manhattan North Special Task Force, the elite unit of the NYPD responsible for combating violence and traffickers of illicit substances, 70 % of murders in this sector of the big apple being directly related to the drug. But as we learn from the first pages, Malone is far from being white as snow. And it was while he croupira in prison, the feds have managed to jam it, that we will understand why.

Super cop at ripou

Fuel to go-pills in order to always be attack, Malone has conducted his career beating the drum by sending behind the bars of a countless number of buggers of all shapes and sizes. After 18 years of good and more or less loyal service – to the Task Force, it does not always do things according to the rules ! – therefore, it will be particularly well placed to know that most of the cops and notable that they are encountering are as corrupt as a piece of meat that would have spent two weeks in the sun.

In July 2016, during a raid in a factory of heroin, Malone be purchased as a one-way trip to hell with the mountain of money and drugs that it will fly. And oddly enough, up until the very end, you can not help but pray that it be so.

To read this week

So Much Things to Say – The oral history of Bob Marley

Roger Steffens, Editions Robert Laffont, 560 pages

Apparently, there would already have over 500 books on Bob Marley. But this one is really different from the others, because it gives a voice to all those who have well-known. His mother Cedella Booker, Peter Tosh, Tyrone Downie, Bunny Wailer, Judy Mowatt or his son Ziggy stretch on his life, and this, in chronological order. A must-have.

The girl tattooed

Joyce Carol Oates, Editions Points, 408 pages

In this the umpteenth novel – it has so much written that we can’t count them ! –, the american writer Joyce Carol Oates tells the story of a novelist sick enough to be forced to find an assistant. But oddly enough, he will throw his sights on a young woman is uneducated and illiterate, covered in tattoos… and, alas, it will soon bite the fingers. A story that has shaken.

Crime scenes in Orsay

Christos Markogiannakis, the Editions The Passage, 240 pages

With this book, which allows us to walk quietly in the halls of the Orsay museum, we enjoy a visit really special : all the works that are presented represent, in effect, attempted murders or crime scenes. And thanks to the explanations provided, we will discover why Paul Cézanne, Henri Regnault or Henri-Camille Danger have been wanting to paint them.

In the eye of the cat

Mélani Breakage, Éditions Zulma, 144 pages

If you love the cats a little, a lot, to the madness, you will surely enjoy flipping through this book, which pays tribute. Photographed in black and white, they have in turn been caught trying to yawn, hunt, free, walk, drink, roll over, or to admire the sunrise. Difficult not to push the “oh, too cute !” on every page !