Having a boy would increase the risk of depression in postpartum

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The sex of the unborn child would have an influence on the risk of depression the postpartum period, according to a new study from the university of Kent in the United Kingdom.

The researchers established that the new moms of boys would be more at risk.

According to their study conducted on 296 women during and after pregnancy, women who have given birth to a boy is between 71 and 79% greater risk of developing postnatal depression.

The study has also shown that mothers who have had complications during their birth were 174% more likely to develop depression postpartum.

“The fact of discovering that you have a boy or a difficult birth increases the risk of postnatal depression a woman offers to health professionals two new ways to identify women who may need extra support,” explains researcher Sarah Johns.

The psychological support of the mother seems to play a major role since the study has shown that women who have had mental health problems (anxiety, stress, depression) had a lower risk of postnatal depression, particularly thanks to the help they had received previously.