He drove into a Porsche dealer in Toronto after “a bad day”

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TORONTO – A young man who was very evil taken a break with his girlfriend decided to let off some steam running in the window of a Porsche dealer near the centre of the city of Toronto.

According to what have been reported by local media, the young driver of 20 years worth of love was first smashed the window of the dealership with his car late Monday night, before attacking the cars in the demo. He would have inscribed on them the name Eve, probably that of his former girlfriend, said the chain CP24.

The arrival of the police, the young man would have simply explained to have committed his actions because he had “a bad day” because of his break.

According to Globlal News, the value of the damage caused by the young vandal could reach to 20 000 $ for the trade showcase, and up to $ 70,000 for the vehicles vandalized.

The suspect will face various charges, including mischief over $ 5,000 and dangerous driving, as well as non-compliance of several regulations, of the code of the road.