He found his cows stolen

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FERME-NEUVE | cows stolen from a herdsman of the Laurentians in September, almost all have been found on the side of a highway, in Ontario, a few weeks ago.

Guillaume Lachaine, a breeder of Ferme-Neuve in the Hautes-Laurentides, comes to find 12 of the 16 animals stolen.

The cows were in a field located on the edge of the highway 417, close to the auction of cattle in Vankleek Hill. The beasts had thus travelled over 250 km from their place of origin.

A man of 34 years, as well as a woman of 54 years of age, have been arrested in connection with this volume

They are both residents of Hawkesbury. Another man is still sought by the police.

In the night of 18 September, thieves would climb into the trailer of a truck 10 cows and six calves who were employed in a field about four kilometres from the home of Mr. Lachaine. The flight would have been successful by using a fence-funnel.

Important value

If there could be a loss sentimental, the economic value of the animals is estimated at more than $30,000.

Two cows had already been found at the auction of the small municipality in the north-western Ontario in September. But the other animals had been abandoned in a wooded area near the auction.

With the arrival of the snow, in November, the animals are out to get on the edge of the highway.

These are motorists who have warned the authorities of the presence of animals on the road, says the breeder of 41 years.

Ontario police officers have visited the site and found that the animals had no ear tags. They then made the link between these animals and the flight of Ferme-Neuve.

Mr. Lachaine then went to identify his cows and his calves.

His misfortune could end up with a loss of two cattle, which have never been reviewed. Guillaume Lachaine believes they have been sold at auction.