His neighbours have made him live in hell

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A judge has sentenced two men from Mont-Tremblant to pay more than $ 100,000 to their neighbor, that they made life “a living hell” for 20 years, not hesitating to compare this question to one of them having opposite radio host Jeff Fillion to Sophie Chiasson.

Insults, name-calling, threats, rocks thrown at his car, surveillance camera vandalized, calls in the middle of the night : Claudette Blais has seen all the colors since she bought her residence from the street of the Convent, in 1996, to make it a tourist lodge.

“When your neighbors turn into jailers and that you become a prisoner of your own home, all you want is to put an end to the nightmare “, was described by the superior Court justice Pierre Nollet in its decision last week.

In a judgment damning, the judge ordered Maurice Matte and his son Stéphane to stop any harassing behavior toward Ms. Blais and to stop to intimidate their neighbor and guests.

Harassment repetition

The two men of the Laurentians, aged respectively 72 and 51 years of age, will also have to pay him 107 023 $ in damage to property, punitive and exemplary, and in reimbursement of legal fees.

Ms. Blais, 61 years old, has had to turn to courts to stop the “long period of harassment” that she and her husband Pierre Chartré suffer for two decades.

The relationship between the couple and their neighbours is particularly acrimonious since 2009. The police have intervened in more than a hundred times.

Thanks to surveillance cameras and videos shot with its iPad tablet, Ms. Blais has amassed “evidence of the conduct of gentlemen Matte,” says the judgment.

In one of the videos submitted at the trial, that The Journal was able to view it, we hear the father and the son yelling insults such as “big christ” cow, to repeat, in the direction of the home of Mrs. Blais.

In addition to its quality of life, Ms. Blais has lost customers because of the behavior of its neighbors.

Affaire Jeff Fillion

“Just as in the case of Chiasson, Ms. Blais has been a victim of systematic harassment, characterized by a long smear campaign based teased about his appearance. The only distinction, if one may say so, is that [it has] not been subjected to the same broadcast… “, has shown the magistrate.

In this case dating back to 2005, the radio host Jeff Fillion, while employed by Radio X, has been ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars from the weather channel host Sophie Chiasson, to have held the remarks “sexist, hateful, malicious, unfounded, hurtful and offensive” on the air.

The judge Nollet believed in the sincerity of Ms. Blais, describing it as ” a woman destroyed by the fierceness of its neighbors.” As for the Matte, they have ” denied the obvious “, noted the magistrate.

Ms. Blais is very satisfied with the judgment.

“I hope that a denunciation like mine will encourage other people,” she said.

Maurice Matte account appeal the decision, claiming to be wrongly accused and have not been believed by the judge, towards which he has held for about few glowing.

– With the collaboration of Christian Plouffe and Francis Halin

Stéphane Matte has been sentenced to prison for having committed a misdemeanor on the car Claudette Blais.


Extracts from the judgment

In his decision, justice Pierre Nollet is far from being tender at the place of the defendants.

“Gentlemen Matte have created a true hell for Ms. Blais. They have hurt his business, his married life, his integrity, the respect of his person and to the full enjoyment of his property. “

“Ms. Blais felt helpless, vulnerable, attacked, imprisoned by the words derogatory and behaviour vulgar and misogynist of its neighbors. It has, with reason, had a fear reaction to the point where she fell asleep with a baseball bat when his spouse was absent. “

“In their defense, the Matte say they have always acted in accordance with the rules of savoir-vivre and good-neighbourliness. The audition videos in which [sic] they treat repeat Ms [Blais] “big cow” and many other epithets that decency prevents to report here, it’s hard to imagine what would be their behavior if they did not comply with the rules of savoir-vivre and good-neighbourliness. “


When the neighborhood slips

A hedge of $120,000

In Saguenay, the two neighbours have swallowed up more than $ 120,000 in legal fees for a hedge of cedars. It all started in 2004 when a first neighbor has cut down their top to have the view on the Saguenay river and the monts Valin, which has angered the people living behind and have the hedge on their land. After a lull, the war resumed when the time has come to prune it again. The result, after four years of warnings and letters of counsel, a judge has ordered the hedge to be maintained every two years… and the neighbors have lost 120 000 $.

The partier sprinkler sprinkled

In Victoriaville, a man who has participated in over fifty festivals, between 2012 and 2015, has been forced to make a cheque of $ 54,000 to its neighbors Éric Deschênes and Isabelle St-Jean and Frédéric Côté and Audrey Leclerc for his partys noisy in the neighborhood. At the outset, it was he who demanded $ 16,000 to his neighbours because he thought they complained too much to the police, but things have turned against him. Not only did the judge rejected the complaint of a partier, but he obliged him to pay a sum of $ 54,000 to have despised the rules of good citizenship base.

A penis light 6 feet

In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, relations between the two neighbours are tense to the point where one of them has put lights in the shape of a penis in his back yard to declare war. During more than three years, a couple of the Montérégie region, therefore, has had to live with a penis flashes. Even if they have filed complaints to the police, the authorities were powerless : it is not forbidden to have a member of light on her plot. The phallus harassing could, however, be retained as evidence in a possible record of bullying, according to the police.

Three times in court in two years

In Pincourt, one couple has sent his neighbor across the three time in court in the two years between 2013 and 2015. The problems started around 2010, when Stéphane Lessard and Michelle Graham complained about the noise of the family of Christopher Bissonnette, balloons launched by his children, or the car that he parked frequently in the street, but in front of the couple’s home rather than in front of hers. The conflict is carried to court, where Mr. Bissonnette had paid $ 500 to the couple two times. The third time, however, the judge raged against the torque of the Montégérie which, according to it, sent his neighbor’s court without a valid reason. “It would be necessary that the parties understand the maxim live and let live, and stop making each other life miserable. The parties should also understand that this escalation of proceedings […] will lead them nowhere, ” writes the judge, condemning him to pay 1000 $.

The guests sprayed

In Sherbrooke, a woman who has watered his neighbors and their guests during a kids ‘ party should pay $ 20,000, ruled the superior Court last year. For several years, Suzanne Landry does not get along well with its neighbours François Coutu and Francine Provencher. In court, Mr. Coutu reported to have been spied on a few hundred times by his neighbor, through his hedge of cedars. The couple also claims to have been insulted repeatedly. At the time, Ms. Landry had denied the story to the Newspaper and expressed his desire to go to appeal.

– Texts of Francis Halin and Antoine Lacroix