How to Choose Real Estate Name Latest Update 2020

How to Choose Real Estate Name Latest Update 2020.

How to Choose Real Estate Name: Choosing a real estate name is not always easy, as your mind will wander and flip through lots of ideas. Yet, you may not still come up with these names, or let us say come up with something unique and quite catchy.

However, if you’re stuck on choosing a name for your real estate team, you could always try these amazing techniques to derive inspiration. Let your mind wander a bit – you never know what you might come up with!

How to Choose Real Estate Name

Define your Brand

What’s branding got to do with it?

Just about everything! By branding, we mean the way your real estate team describes itself. Essentially, it’s the descriptive word(s) in your real estate name – the ones that describe what you do or how you do it. It is typically considered the ‘base’ words of real estate company names.

Some examples include ‘realty’, ‘property management’, and ‘investment properties’. They are an important consideration when choosing your name because some property businesses operate in very distinct niches, for example, only selling waterfront property or serving the international market.

You want your real estate team name to be reflective of your brand and what it represents. That way, potential customers might get an indication if you have the type of property they are looking for.

Examples of real estate team names that show off the brand

  • Luxury Villas International Realty – the name tells you that this company deals with luxury villas worldwide
  • Clarke’s Commercial Real Estate – you can deduce that this agency does not handle residential real estate
  • Camps Bay Waterfront Rentals – a company that specializes in waterfront property rentals in Camps Bay
  • Chicago Investment Properties – if you’re looking to buy an investment property in the city of Chicago, this is your company
  • Red Dot Property Management – this company will manage your properties for you
  • The Brooklyn Property Group – this name is appropriate if you have a team of agents or brokers coming together under one umbrella
  • Lemon Luxury Homes – if you are spending big bucks, you know that this real estate team has something for you
  • Illy Industrial Real Estate – this company sells industrial properties
  • Walker Land and Property Sales – the name makes it clear that they sell vacant land as well as property
  • Borchardt Residential Real Estate – a second name with a clear reference to the type of property they deal with
  • Open Country Mobile Home Sales – if you sell mobile homes
  • Wolf Seafront Properties – you can assume that they sell properties close to the beach
  • Lightbulb Office Rentals – a property business who specialize in renting office space
  • Two Doors Commercial Realty – their niche is commercial real estate
  • Clear Cut Property Developers – this company develops property clusters from drawing plans to adding the final touches
  • Wooded Hill Cabin Sales – this company sells cabins
  • Country Club Properties FL – specializes in properties at country clubs
  • CampusKey Estate Agents – this is for the on-campus private accommodation niche

How to Choose Real Estate Name Using Alliteration

This is when your company name consists of more than one word and each word starts with the same letter or sound. Famous examples include – Coca-Cola, PayPal, and American Apparel.

Of course, your real estate team name could include a clear reference to your brand AND use alliteration.

The pro’s of using alliteration in your real estate team name is that they sound catchy and they can be super memorable. The cons are that it might end up being a tongue twister – so watch out for that!

Alliteration real estate team name examples:

  • Tiger Team Realty
  • Village Villas Property Group
  • Clearwater Condos Realtors
  • River Rock Property Sales
  • Green Golf Estate Property
  • Pro Property Group
  • The Palms Properties
  • Conway & Co. Real Estate
  • Premium Properties
  • Rodeo Realty
  • Penguin Properties
  • Clear Cut Commercial Property
  • Pink Panther Properties
  • West Wing Rentals
  • Bright Light Investment Realty
  • Prestige Property Management
  • Blue Box Industrial Properties
  • Right-Wing Rentals
  • White Walls Realty
  • Captain Clover Commercial Estate
  • Harvey Hill Property Group
  • Coral Condo Sales
  • Pulse Property Agents
  • Alexandria Apartment Sales
  • The Prized Property Co.
  • Supersonic Property Services
  • The White Walnut Property Co.
  • Hat & Hill Residential Sales
  • Vineyard Valley Real Estate
  • Firefly First Realty
  • Pearl Property Group
  • Halliday Home Sales
  • Imgur Investment Properties
  • Pilsen Property Managers
  • The Pink Pen Property Group

How to Choose Real Estate Name By Using the Name of your City/State/Area

How to Choose Real Estate Name

This is quite popular for practical reasons – it shows potential clients where you are located or where you do business. You could always include a famous landmark in your real estate team name. This technique works well if you live in a city with a well-known name.

Using a business name with a place or location could also increase your search rank on search engines.

So, if your real estate team name is ‘Palm Springs Real Estate’ and there are thousands of searches for ‘real estate in Palm Springs’ guess who will show up on the first page of Google?

Examples of real estate names based on cities, states or areas:

  • South Dublin Rentals – company operating in the south of Dublin city center
  • Liberty NYC Property Management – this business is in New York City, the statue of liberty for reference
  • The Mayfair Group – co-op property agency in Mayfair, London
  • McCook Lake Realty – business in the McCook lake suburb of South Dakota
  • Stanley Commercial Properties – referring to the tourist attraction Stanley Park, in Vancouver, Canada
  • Marseille Holiday Accommodation – this is a search engine optimized name for a real estate team in the port city of Marseille, France
  • Chapman’s Peak Property Agents – this name refers to a landmark in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cologne Investment Real Estate – this name is suitable for property agents in Cologne, Germany
  • River Liffey Estate Agents – selling property in Dublin’s City Center
  • Sun City Properties – business in the Sun City Summerlin district, in Nevada
  • Sherman Oaks Real Estate Co. – selling real estate in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles
  • Oceanside LA Properties – if you sell properties close to the beach in LA
  • Potami Properties – this company operates in Potami, Greece
  • Astoria Agents – selling property in Astoria, NYC
  • SoHo Luxury Property Services – property business in the upmarket SoHo neighborhood in NYC
  • Lake Como Land Sales – luxury property sales in Lake Como, Italy
  • West Hollywood Property Management – this iconic name will rank high on search engines
  • The Bronx Property Co-Op – selling property in the Bronx borough, NYC
  • Elwood Estate Agents – property business in the city of Port Phillip, Melbourne
  • Golden Gate Investment Real Estate – the name has a reference to the famous red bridge in San Francisco
  • Pretoria Property Group – selling properties in Pretoria, South Africa
  • Snowflake Sales & Rentals – for businesses that specialize in properties on the slopes
  • Wine Country Properties – if you sell property in a region that is famous for its wines
  • River Rock Estate Agents – if your state is known for its rivers, this name is for you
  • Niagara Rentals – a reference to the famous waterfalls between New York and Canada


Have you ever looked at a real estate team name and thought…what’s that word? It seems unique and you haven’t seen the word before, but it is catchy as a real estate team name?

You’re probably looking at a compound word – that is two (often unrelated) words that are put together to form a new word. Some of the most famous compound brand names include Facebook, Mastercard, and Netflix.

Using a compound word for a real estate team name can be very original but be cautious – it has to make sense to people. Some people like using their own names in compound words so that is another option to consider.

Here are some examples of compound real estate names – we’ll bold the compound words for easy reference:

  • Crosswalk Realtors
  • The Firework Realtor Corporation
  • Upside Real Estate
  • Opendoor Property Management
  • JackJones Properties
  • Boardwalk Real Estate Services
  • The Glassdoor Realty Group
  • Bluebell Real Property
  • Bellhop Group
  • Cartwright Realty Co.
  • OneUp Property Services
  • FirstStep Commercial Realty
  • OpenDoor Property Management
  • Windfall Industrial Properties
  • Blackbox Realtors
  • Firebird Estate Brokers
  • OneClick Property
  • GrandWest Estate Agents
  • Thundercat Real Estate
  • DapperDax Realty
  • NextDoor Rentals
  • Sunbird Property Management
  • Blueprint Properties
  • Turnkey Residential Properties
  • BrassBell Realty
  • Clubhouse Real Estate

Creative Real Estate Names

How to Choose Real Estate Name

Sometimes, you just want to name your business something unique that doesn’t fit into any of the previous categories.

If you want a truly unique name – I mean, you really want to stand out from all the other realtors – then it’s time to get creative!

Examples of creative real estate names:

  • Bold Brothers Real Estate – two brothers that consider themselves bold own this company
  • Supervio Property Agents – this name is completely made up but it sounds catchy
  • Luxish Property Brokers – a play on the word ‘luxury’
  • Green Dot Prop Group – this name is all about the ‘o’ sound
  • Skye Real Estate Services – a play on ‘sky’
  • Re-Fresh Property Sales –a play on words makes this name stick
  • Zig-Zag Realtors – they sell in the entire town and don’t limit themselves to one area
  • The Cut Property Management – they have high standard and not all properties make their cut
  • Upvote Properties – this name is for well-established agents with a good track record
  • Protea Valley Realty – named after the Protea flower
  • Maverick Properties – a ‘maverick’ is an independent-minded person
  • First Step Commercial Rentals–their niche is business owners looking for their first commercial property rental
  • Beach Club Realtors – this name is perfect for companies who sell beachfront properties and who want their business to sound exclusive
  • Knock On Investment Properties – this is a play on the knock-knock joke
  • Sugar & Spice Real Estate – a local company who looks after the local market
  • Showoff Property Developers – if you specialize in high-end properties, this name is perfect for your business
  • Full Throttle Estate Agents – this company name is suitable for a young company who has something to prove
  • The Girl Next Door Properties – a memorable name for a young business owner
  • Walk-in Real Estate – play on the ‘walk-in’ phrase used by real estate agents
  • Light Lounge Property Managers – this name is suitable for a company who manages property portfolios
  • Full Disclosure Realty – a strong name that refers to the high moral standards of the owners
  • This & That Real Estate – showing the funny side of the property team
  • Green Clover Properties – this name refers to the four-leaved clover that is believed to bring good luck
  • G&T Realty – if the owner’s names start with these letters or it might be a nod to their favorite drink
  • Wrap It Up Property – this name says it all, they close the sale

Things to Avoid When Naming Your Real Estate Team

Don’t use names that are difficult to pronounce

How to Choose Real Estate Name

Especially if you are using your own names – you have to gauge if people will able to pronounce it. Thinking of international real estate clients, it could be challenging for them to pronounce your name if is specific to a particular country or culture.

I made this mistake – I used my maiden name Coetzee in my company name. Needless to say, I have to rebrand.

Stay away from puns

Here’s the thing – puns can be great when used well. But you also don’t want to come across as a joke. So real estate team names that refer to body parts or make fun of your competitors, is probably not the best idea.

Don’t choose a name that looks funny as an acronym

Acronyms come into play when you want to brand merchandise like logos, cups, pens, or shirts. If your real estate name is on the longer side, you can use an acronym for branding purposes. So, in that case, you don’t want an acronym that spells a swear word or offensive word.

The technical and legal considerations are VERY important

Trademark: You can’t use a name that has been trademarked – even if it is in another state or industry. So have a look at the trademark registry online before deciding on a name.

Consult your national and local laws: Before deciding on a real estate team name, you need to consult your local real estate associations for clarity on possible restrictions or clarifications.

Check if your chosen real estate name has an available domain: Visit a domain checker website and check if your is available to be reserved as a domain. If it is, reserve it immediately! Then you can get started on your website and email accounts.

Reserve your social media handles: Next, you want to check if your real estate team name is taken on social media. Here’s the thing though – you need to have the same name on ALL your social media profiles. Or at least close enough to each other. If not, it might be confusing for your clients.

We wish you a very successful Real Estate Business!



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