How to prepare your car for winter?

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Winter is coming! In order to help you prepare your vehicle, here are a few tips, such as those published in The Guide to the self.


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The arrival of winter means that an appointment at the garage to change your tires, but also you need to install your floor mats, to add the snow brush and the wires from the overload and put a blanket in the trunk.

However, is this all what your car needs to make it through a harsh winter, like that of Quebec? Of course not! Here are a few tips to help you better equip your car during the winter season.


First, the battery is essential to avoid being caught cold by bad weather at the edge of a car that is not cooperating. To do this, we advise you to check the level of energy that contains your battery and use a battery charger automotive need. So, if your sensor indicates a low level of energy in the battery and it does not seem to want to conserve energy, it is possible that a new battery is needed. If this is the case, don’t forget to dispose of your battery responsibly.


Then, several households start change engine oil of their car to their personal garage. Although more economical, this activity involves some risk if you do not use the right type of oil. In winter, you will be asked often oil less thick with a grade of lower viscosity, which will be accompanied by the letter W located between two sets of numbers. For example, an oil-10W40 has a viscosity of 10W at startup (cold) and will be able to maintain a viscosity of 40 to the operating temperature. That being said, your owner’s manual will tell you if you need to change the oil type in the winter or not and what is the degree of viscosity desired.


Finally, the purchase of rubber floor mats is essential to live a winter without damaging the carpet of your vehicle. Although expensive, these mats can prevent a build-up of water in your car that promote moisture and mold.

Have a good winter!