Hunted by lions, 400 buffaloes drown in Botswana

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More than 400 buffaloes are dead, drowned in the Chobe river, in the north of Botswana on the border with Namibia, after having been hunted down by a horde of lions, said the botswana ministry of the Environment.

According to the authorities of the two countries, “a flock of exceptionally large buffalo grazed in Namibia when, in a panic, the animals ran into the river Chobe”, said a press release of the ministry published on Wednesday evening.

“The first indications show that they were being chased by a horde of lions,” added the ministry, according to which “more than 400 buffaloes were drowned out in the stampede, and after reaching the shores steep of the river”.

The incident, according to media reports of botswana, was held on Tuesday evening.

The drowning mass of this kind are quite common, adds the botswana ministry of Environment, natural Resources and Tourism.