Immigrants anglicized in English-language schools

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Some 200 children of newcomers will be anglicized, by the end of January, in the English schools of the West Island, in order to relieve pressure on the French-language network.

It is of high-school students who attend reception classes of the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB), in order to familiarize themselves with the French and the quebec culture.

By the end of the month, the CSMB will hire 14 classes in schools in the Riverdale and Lindsay Place, located in Pierrefonds and Pointe-Claire. The course will be taught in French by teachers of the CSMB, but students will be in contact with other young people and staff English-speaking, including in the cafeteria and in the school yard.

Last December, the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, had announced that classes of CSMB would be opened in the premises of the commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson, without specifying that it was to students in francization.

English-speaking environment

For the president of the Union of the teaching to the West of Montreal, this arrangement may complicate the francization of immigrant youth.

“It is sure that it’s going to be a challenge,” says Melanie Hubert. In the west of Montreal, it was already of the difficulty in French-language schools to speak to children in French in the school yard. “

The president of the Mouvement Québec français is also concerned about this approach. “It goes without saying that the francization in the medium of English poses a problem, considers Maxime Laporte. Learn French, it is not only on the benches of school. “

If she understands the need caused by the lack of space, Mélanie Hubert wants to, just as Maxime Laporte, the rental of classrooms in a middle English to be a temporary measure.

For his part, the president of the teachers Union Pearson said he firmly believes that the staff of the West Island will be able to serve the young people in French. “I don’t think this will be a problem. Most people are bilingual, ” says Heidi Yetman.

Classes overwhelmed

For the spokesman of the CSMB, Gina Guillemette, it is a necessary solution in the face of the explosion of enrolments in this school board to the west of the metropolis.

Some 2,500 students are added in the schools of the CSMB last year, due to the massive arrival of immigrants and refugees, in addition to the construction of new real estate developments.

For the moment, young people in reception classes must follow their course from 15: 30, once the students in regular classes have left the premises.