In Primorye, the police rescued kitten

В Приморье полицейские спасли котенка

The interior Ministry of Russia

Black kitten running under cars on the roadway in Primorye rescued by the police and called him a Zhorik, the press service of the Moi of Russia for the Primorye territory.

On the official website of the Department posted a photo of the employee of police with the black kitten.

“Passing by the Palace of culture of coal miners, police noticed a kitten that ran into the roadway under the wheels of their car. Stopping, the police tried to get the furry kid who darted from wheel to wheel. A frightened kitten ran out from under the vehicle, crossed the lane of traffic and climbed under one of the cars staying in the flow of vehicles”, — stated in the message.

The staff of the Department of the MIA of Russia in the city of Artyom senior investigator Oksana Kashchenko and the operative of criminal investigation Department Vladislav Marochkin rescued the kitten and took him to the police Department, where he fed and called Zhorik. Rescued kitten adopted one from the animal welfare societies of the city of Artem, said the Agency.

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