In the footsteps of Lady Di

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This luxury residence called the Villa Windsor is unknown to the Parisians themselves. Yet it has housed one of the old crowned heads of the Buckingham palace : Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne for love of an American divorced… that he wanted to marry her. The love was stronger than the protocol…, And the couple decided to live out of England, away from the worries of the life of royalty… but very close : to Paris.

A half-century later, a certain Lady Di discovered this residence. Divorced from prince Charles, she also at the time stays away from the Buckingham palace… the former Edward VIII and his wife were happy here in Paris, why not she ? His new lover the time, Dodi Al Fayed, was considering buying this residence to make her happy. A little more and Diana Spencer was going to occupy this little corner of England located in the heart of Paris that is the field told de Bagatelle in full-Bois-de-Boulogne.

The manor castle dates from the second empire and, at the time of Napoleon III, Egypt is the mode. There without doubt that sphinx will adorn the stairs.

In short, without the fatal car accident to flee the paparazzi, the mother of the current princes William and Harry would be housed here. And guess where she and Al-Fayed were at the time of the collision… To the Villa Windsor ! I was so curious to see it, and I took a taxi, asking the area of Bagatelle. Unfortunately, the building is closed for renovations. A gate protects the beautiful terrain. For a few euros, I was able to visit places around the manor, but not this one, per se. I dare to hope that it will reopen its doors and will discover this page of british history in the heart of Paris.

If the billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed had bought the Villa Windsor to give pleasure to her lovely Lady Di, we can imagine that this area would be very different today (but inaccessible).

Charles de Gaulle

Another item of interest to me : the general Charles de Gaulle stayed here in 1945, the time to reorganize the government and to renovate his personal residence at Colombey-les-deux-Churches, that the Germans had ransacked. In short, a lot of history under the same roof.