In Ukraine called “hit in the jaw” Russian

Former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Iryna Farion called the appeal “to give the jaw” all Russian-speaking citizens of the country, the normal reaction to the discrimination of Ukrainian population. This writes the “Observer”.

“These people recognize only one method — this method is called power. If you do not reach our intellectual power, moral, spiritual, then we must use physical force”, — she declared on air of TV channel “Chernivtsi”.

According to the former Deputy, Ukrainians have become aggressive and expansive in their own land, then they will no longer “beat”.

Fahrion said that Ukraine diskriminerad only Ukrainian-speaking population, and this may not prevent even the Constitution of the country.

“What with the fact that we have article 10 of the Constitution, which says that the Ukrainian language is state? What with the fact that we have the decision of the constitutional court from 1999, that the Ukrainian language is compulsory for use in all areas of life?”, asked Farion.

The MP added that when the law is powerless, there must be a lynching.

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