In Washington, the “shutdown” threatens marriages

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When Dan Pollock and his fiancee arrived at the office of marriages in Washington to get the papers necessary to their union, which was not their surprise to learn that it was closed due to “shutdown”.

“We are ex-staffers and, as federal employees, we have already worked on two occasions” during paralysis, partial administrations, he said to the AFP.

“But we had not thought that the bureau of the weddings of the capital was financed by federal funds!”

Two days of the ceremony, it was too late to change the plan. “We decided to do with this madness,” says Dan Pollock. The feast had taken place: “It was great in spite of”.


And the couple, who has shared her story on Twitter for showing “the real effects of the shutdown”, will formalize their union at a later time.

A standoff between the president and Donald Trump and his opposition democratic party on the financing of a wall on the border with Mexico blocks for thirteen days the adoption of a budget to fund the federal government.

Lack of money, non-essential services are closed and about 800,000 civil servants work without pay or are on forced leave.

The capital of the United States depends in part on the federal budget –in contrast to other us cities– has seen some of the affected services.

This is the case of the office of marriage, located in a court, which celebrates some of the ceremonies and to issue certificates necessary to formalize the unions sealed in front of other people (judges, religious leaders, elected representatives…).


While no camp seems willing to give in to put an end to the “shutdown”, the concern rises among some lovebirds.

“We had about 140 guests, who must come to the capital for our wedding” planned on the 12th of January, said Claire O’rourke at the local radio WTOP. They come from the four corners of the country, and even Ireland, there was no question, therefore, cancel.

If the situation is not resolved by then, “we will still marry, and be very happy, but what I would like to as the paperwork is done…”

Conscious of the challenge to his fellow citizens, the mayor of Washington dc Muriel Bowser has decided to take exceptional measures to issue certificates of marriage in spite of everything.

“Just like the Grinch may not steal Christmas, the +shutdown+ can’t stop the love”, has justified his chief of staff John Falcicchio, in reference to the character’s green and grumpy cartoon that tries to spoil the holidays of the end of the year.

In the meantime, democratic senator Richard Blumenthal, for which Dan Pollock and his new wife have worked with has welcomed Thursday on the social networks, “a wonderful couple”.

And added: “hoping that, like the rain, the +shutdown+ carries happiness to your marriage.”

As for the other betrothed, the society of wedding Howerton Wooden gave some tips on its website.

“Buy an insurance policy on the ceremony”, “think of a plan B” and, especially, “don’t panic: the shutdowns are nightmares for politicians and they are very often working hard to find quick solutions,” she noted.