Iran: 1000 women at the stadium for a soccer game

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TEHRAN | A thousand Iranian have been admitted Saturday evening at the stadium for the final of the champions League, asian soccer to Tehran, a rare praised on Sunday by several reformist newspapers as a “victory” for women in Iran.

The unusual presence of champions in a forum specifically reserved for them at the stadium Azadi (“Freedom” in farsi) has not been enough to galvanize the local team : after his defeat 2-0 to go to Japan, FC Persepolis conceded a draw at home and squandered the title to Kashima Antlers.

“Women have won the match for Freedom”, was the headline in the daily reformist Etemad.

“Victory of iranian women in the final of asia”, also believes that the daily reformer Sazandegi, while another newspaper, Haft-e Sobh, written in a, photo of champions in support: “a Thousand women for real.”

According Sazandegi, most of the women present at the stadium had been “picked” and chosen in the families of the players of FC Persepolis, or among players of soccer or futsal.

Since the triumph of the islamic revolution in 1979, women do not have the right to go to stadiums in Iran to see men playing soccer, officially to protect them from the rudeness of men.

This measure is regularly criticized within the iranian political system.

The iranian president Hassan Rohani, who passes for a moderate, has repeatedly said his desire to see the women get to the stages, but the project faces opposition from the clan ultraconservateur.

On 17 October, after the local authorities had authorized the day before to a hundred women to attend a friendly match between the eleven of iran and that of Bolivia, the prosecutor general of the country had warned him that he would not repeat such an opportunity, likely depending on him to lead “to sin”.

For the final return of the champions League, the authorities have given this time for permission to 850 women to attend the match, according to the agency official iranian Irna.

According to an AFP journalist present at the stadium, the champions arrived two hours before the start of the match.

Before the meeting, a number of iranian media had reported pressure from the asian football Confederation (AFC) to ensure that women are permitted to see men playing soccer in Iran.

Quoted by Irna, the first vice president of iran Eshaq Jahanguiri on Saturday called on the AFC to prevent “the contamination of soccer by the policy”.

On Sunday, the AFC has thanked officially to the iranian authorities “have allowed [women] are witnesses of an exceptional event”.