80 Irish Boy Names for Your Charming Prince Latest 2020 Update

80 Irish Boy Names for Your Charming Prince Latest 2020 Update.

You should choose a perfect name that is exciting and a little fantastic for your new boy. Therefore you should consider a name inspired by Ireland’s Emerald Isle.

One of the most exciting things for a parent is choosing a name for your baby boy. If either or both parents have Irish origins or just love the sound of Irish names, give your newborn son a name influenced by the emerald isle.

Ireland is a chock full of rich culture, beautiful language and fascinating stories, making it the ideal place to mine with a wide variety of definitions for unusual baby names.

Also, Irish names in the United States are a fairly popular phenomenon, so even non-Irish parents have noticed the significance of those ancient names.

Furthermore, Irish baby names for boys have been growing in popularity in the U.S in recent years, with Liam reaching Number 1 and all the different spellings of Aiden climbing to the top of the list.

If you want an unusual Irish boy name, consider names like Fionn, Eamon, and Eoin. Popular Irish surnames also make fantastic first names such as Finnegan, Shea, and Donnelly.

Perfect Irish Boy Names 

  • Liam: Meaning: Resolute Protection
  • Aidan/Aiden: Meaning: Little and Fiery
  • Tully: Meaning: Flood, Peaceful, or Hill
  • Benen: Meaning: Mild, name of Irish saint
  • Finn/Fionn: Meaning: Fair or White
  • Shane: Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Ronan: Meaning: Little Seal
  • Rafferty: Meaning: Abundance; prosperity
  • Tynan: Meaning: Dark, Dusty
  • Patrick: Meaning: Noble, Patrician
  • Keir: Meaning: Dark, Black
  • Cashel: Meaning: Stone fort, castle
  • Fergus: Meaning: Man of Force
  • Keegan: Meaning: Son of Egan
  • Mccoy: Meaning: Fire
  • Brendan: Meaning: Prince; King
  • Brady: Meaning: Broad Meadow or Large-Chested
  • Oscar: Meaning: God Spear, or Deer-Lover or Champion Warrior
  • Conor/Connor: Meaning: wise; strong willed; hound-lover
  • Clancy: Meaning: red warrior
  • Brennan: Meaning: Raven; Brave; Sorrow
  • Fintan: Meaning: White Fire or White Bull
  • Keenan: Meaning: Ancient

Irish Boy Names 

  • Rooney: Meaning: Champion; leader
  • Finnegan: Meaning: little fair one
  • Cory: Meaning: From the Hollow
  • Flynn: Meaning: Son of the Red-Haired One
  • Aaron/Aron: Meaning: High mountain
  • Seanan: Meaning: Wise, Old
  • Cullen: Meaning: Holly Tree
  • Eamon: Meaning: Wealthy Protector
  • Burke: Meaning: Burg or fortification
  • Shea: Meaning: Irish surname
  • Torin: Meaning: Chief
  • Callahan: Meaning: Bright-Headed
  • Ultan: Meaning: Man from Ulster
  • Quinn: Meaning: Chief Leader, Intelligence
  • Garret/Garrett: Meaning: Spear Strength
  • Larkin: Meaning: Rough, Fierce
  • Niall: Meaning: Champion
  • Nevin: Meaning: Holy
  • Nolan: Meaning: Champion
  • Kellen: Meaning: Little Rock
  • Rowan: Meaning: Little Redhead
  • Eoin: Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Sullivan: Meaning: Black-Eyed One
  • Lennon: Meaning: Small Cloak or Cape
  • Redmond: Meaning: Wise Protector
  • Brody: Meaning: From the muddy place

Irish Boy Names 

Cool Irish Boy Names 

  • Rian: Meaning: Little King
  • Blaine: Meaning: Slender, Angular
  • Sean: Meaning: God’s Gracious Gift
  • Finbar: Meaning: Fair-Haired
  • Calhoun: Meaning: From the Narrow Forest
  • Bard: Meaning: Minstrel, Poet
  • Hugh: Meaning: Mind, Intellect
  • Rogan: Meaning: Redhead
  • Devin/Devon: Meaning: Poet
  • Darcy: Meaning: From Arcy
  • Ivo: Meaning: Yew Wood, Archer
  • Declan: Meaning: Full of Goodness; man of prayer
  • Cillian: Meaning: Little Church
  • Piran: Meaning: Prayer
  • Donnelly: Meaning: Irish surname
  • Derry: Meaning: The People’s Ruler
  • Mack: Meaning: Son of
  • Gallagher: Meaning: Descendant of Foreign Helper
  • Colm: Meaning: Dove
  • Fionn: Meaning: Fair or White
  • Ferris: Meaning: Rock

Irish Boy Names 

  • Veren: Meaning: Great Hero
  • Dillon: Meaning: Loyal
  • Roan: Meaning: Little Redhead
  • Berkeley: Meaning: The Birch Tree Meadow
  • Faolan: Meaning: Little Wolf
  • Donal: Meaning: World Mighty
  • Murphy: Meaning: Sea Warrior
  • Grady: Meaning: Noble, Illustrious

In short, choosing a name with proper sense is very important.

Do you know of any Irish boy name that isn’t here? Lets see it in the comment section.

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