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Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Dead? How Did He Die?

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With the internet suddenly awash in rumors about TikTok sensation Gabe not babe’s death, fans are eager to learn the truth.

Gabriel, who went by the name Gabe Not Babe on TikTok, is said to have died in a car accident.

Unfortunately, because death hoaxes and rumors are fairly common in this day and age, we decided to delve deeper and seek the truth behind the reports. So, here’s what we discovered.

Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Dead?

Gabriel Salazar has allegedly died, according to unconfirmed reports. Rumors of his death began to circulate after a GoFundMe campaign in the TikTok sensation’s name surfaced.

Gabriel’s friend, Chris Vazquez, started the campaign on September 27 and wrote, “I don’t know what’s real and not real anymore but unfortunately Gabe passed away in a car crash September 26 we couldn’t believe it the moment we found out.”

We don’t want to go into specifics because it’s difficult for us to even discuss the pain he endured.

Never expected this to happen, but now you’re keeping an eye on us.”

Gabriel’s sister and close friends have also posted about his alleged death on social media, in addition to the GoFundMe campaign.

For starters, his sister, Danna Salazar, shared a touching tribute to Gabriel on her Instagram story.

She even posted a link to the GoFundMe campaign on her social media profile. Chris Vazquez and Ricky Flores, who are said to be close friends of the TikTok star, took to Instagram and posted heartfelt messages for Gabriel.

How Did TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Die?

The cause of Gabriel Salazar’s alleged death has yet to be confirmed by official sources, so the reason for the reported incident is unknown.

According to unconfirmed social media reports, Gabe Not Babe died in a car accident on September 26 in San Antonio, Texas.

There are also videos claiming to show the details of the alleged crash.

However, with no official confirmation, most of these reports are unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Given recent developments, we concluded that, while news of Gabriel Salazar’s alleged death was shared on social media by his friends and sister, we should still await official confirmation.

Surprisingly, neither major publications nor local media have covered the alleged car crash that took the TikTok star’s life.

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Frequently Asked Questions Gabe not babe

His Car Accident video went viral on social media, and many people watched this dreadful incident that occurred on September 26th, 2021.

Gabriel Salazar, a TikTok star, was killed in a crash during a high-speed police chase in Texas on Sunday (September 26).

He was 19 years old at the time.