Jean-François Breau continues its “War of clans”

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Jean-François Breau has done a lot of television (“An air of family”, “This is my tune”, “swingers”), but “the war of The clans” is her first experience of animation solo. The beginning of it, this fall, proved to be conclusive, since V was chosen to renew the game in the winter of 2019.

“I knew that I loved the show, I would love to do that, but a large amount of shootings in such a short period of time, I had never done that, explained the moderator, in an interview. But it was even more enjoyable than I thought.”

The pace of the recordings of “The war of the clans” is, in fact, rather fast-paced: up to six slices of 30 minutes can be filmed in a single day, the end of the week, before the public, in a large local studios Cinépool, LaSalle.

“I had anxieties before starting to turn, said Jean-François Breau. But as soon as I started recording, I realized that I was like a fish in the water on this plateau. The game, families, the teasing, it looks like me. I learned a lot from Jean-François Baril and Luc Senay [editor’s NOTE: the former hosts of family feud], but I also really looked at the other versions of the show around the world. Steve Harvey, the host, the format of the original american Family Feud, is one of my idols.”

“This show I have very much at heart, and I have enough fun doing it to hope to make it another 10 years.”

The anxieties of daddy

Jean-François Breau also operates her passion for communication to the micro-Rhythm FM, where he replaces sporadically Stéphane Bellavance to the bar “Hello Montreal”, weekdays, from 5: 30 to 8: 15. His check-clockwise is the opposite of that of his lover, Marie-Eve Janvier, who officiates in command of The “incredible comeback”, in the late afternoon, with Sébastien Benoît and Alexandre Barrette.

“On the radio, it is my own tone. I don’t have the whole truth on anything, I need to make me explain things that are basic, and I don’t take myself seriously too often. Over the years, my relationship with the audience is specified. People know that I am a human prankster, to be near his family, ultra too emotional”, has detailed the new forty, which is said to be increasingly conscious, as a citizen, since he became a father.

“I’m more interested in the policy, because I understand that alone we cannot accomplish much, even if we have the will and the knife between the teeth. You need to be able to have an influence on the leaders. I found a lot of hope in the return of the community; I was raised in New Brunswick, in a street with my cousins where everyone knew each other. I am looking for solutions. My little anxieties of youth become the anxieties of daddy.”

In music

From 12 to 16 February, Jean-François Breau will return with the musical comedy, which allowed him to meet her sweet, in the show “Don Juan “symphonic”, at the Maison symphonique.

He concocts are also a few secret projects with his band cajun Salebarbes, which also counts among its members Éloi & Jonathan Painchaud. “Something that might look like a disk,” left mirror Breau, in a mysterious tone.

In addition, the father of little Leah, 2 and a half years, would like to give a little brother or a little sister to her offspring in the near future.

“We want it! But my father always tells me that I can’t just decide…”