Kitchen accessories: a hot start to the year!

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This is to prepare a soothing infusion of nourishing hot cereal, a soup that takes away the flu, a comforting broth or a good hot chocolate to warm up in the heart of winter, owning an electric kettle is very handy !

Perfect temperature

The kettle IQ Kettle from Breville (1.8 litre, 1500 watt) knows the ideal temperature for tea or coffee. It has five temperature presets (teas green, white, Oolong, black, and coffee plunger), and then maintains the selected temperature for 20 minutes. Portholes bilateral, lid, opening, progressive, ergonomic handle with lid release button, the container wireless, etc, are only a few of its attractive features. > 199,99 $

The rapid

Inside this electric kettle series Pro-Line KitchenAid (1.5 liter, 1440 watts), the water is boiling quietly in a few minutes. It is said that this model stands out also by its speed ! In addition, it is possible to select the degree of heat desired, between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius. Its double walls keep water hot for a very long time, while keeping the outer surface cool. > for $229.99

Ready for the brew

With his basket tea set magnetically, this coffee maker Smart Tea to Brew Compact Breville (1 liter, 1200 watt) is ready for the infusion, but can also be used simply to boil water by removing the basket. It offers five preset temperature and steeping for different teas perfectly infused, and then keeps the beverage hot for 30 minutes. > 199,99 $

Bright blue

With a coating of polished stainless steel, this electric kettle Lagostina (1.7 liter, 1500 watts) a look at the daily. It has a on/off button, a flip cover, a filter demineralization removable, a base rotatable 360 degrees, as well as a window indicating the water level which illuminates in blue when the unit is running. > 99,99 $

Double insulation

With an insulated, double-walled, this kettle signed KitchenAid (1.5 litres) keeps the water inside warm, while the temperature of its outer surface is pleasant to the touch. This model features a push button lid, the inside is completely stainless steel and just one button to turn it on. Available in black or red. > 119,99 $