Lack of effort is unacceptable

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Good, which can be found at the bench of the accused for the past few weeks in Canada ? Jonathan Drouin.

You can always dispute the arguments he brings as proof of his good will, his sense of duty, you certainly can’t ignore that in a team sport, there is not necessarily only one guilty.

When it is, by a combination of circumstances, one of the players of influence, with the main responsibilities attached to the profession, there was the one where he has to make the difference.

It must stand out by its leadership and also for his contribution on the playing surface.

However, force is to admit that it is not the only one in the boat. There are also other rowers who do not row themselves not very strong. It all boils down to the conclusion that Drouin is the most talented, and that he has no right to error and even less in an effort to lose the smile the decision makers of the organization.

Claude Julien had something to grind of the black at the end of the match against the Blues on Thursday. His team did not compete, point. And this is not very responsible on the part of a group that was supposed to fight for its survival.

Drouin is shown in the finger, Domi does more in the first half of the season. In practice, this means that the first trio is in handcuffs night after night.

But when I mention community, that involves all facets of the game.

Disastrous record

A team including the special units displayed a balance of 91.2 % has very little chance of getting a ticket to the tournament in spring.

Also, the majority of formations that have a card lower than 92 %. The numerical advantage of the Canadian has a record of 12.8 %, the worst in the national League. Shorthanded, his success rate is 78.4 %.

In the beginning of the season, the failures accumulated by the specialists of special units could move without raising too many concerns because the Canadian was one of the best teams in the league to equal forces.

Domi drew the spotlight, Drouin managed to get out of a deadlock with a solid performance here and there. But when we approach the mid-season and then, when we engage in the final sprint, identifying the participants in the great feast of the spring, it gets tough.

The best must be the best. The details that require special attention to ensure that the equation works.

Can we really reach the finish line at the same time as the 15 other formations which will participate in the second season with a production as dismal as that of the Habs in numerical superiority ?

These are the coaches who must find solutions.


Look for the formula that could break the Habs of the mire in which he is entangled when the opponent to one or two players in the dungeon, that is one thing. It is still necessary to find it ?

I imagine that the leaders of the special units will spend hours cobbling together of the patterns of play which, possibly, will pay dividends.

But how to explain that the execution is not on point.

So who are the responsible for this failure ? Of course, we will focus on the contribution of Drouin, we have been accused of being too often on the periphery. We still wonder where is Drouin who fed Nikita Kucherov passes learned, a few years ago in Tampa Bay.

OK, I know, there is no Kucherov in the uniform of the Canadian. It remains all the same that he was one of the important elements of the Lightning at that time.

There are also those who accompany it by numerical superiority.

Drouin is identified as the quarterback of this unit. Its set to be uneven, is certainly not reassuring. However, there is no other cause of things.

If it fails to find a solution, it’s going to be complicated. To numerical equality, as I mentioned, the Canadian can no longer display results as those in the beginning of the season. The competition reaches higher levels each week.


There is, however, a reflection that was repeated often in the discussions at the beginning of the season. What should we expect of this team ? There was little waiting for the troops at the Bell Centre. A-t-on too quickly to be overvalued team because of the amazing results of the first half of the calendar ?


Except that in conclusion, the expectations, the players have created by their enthusiasm and dynamism. This is the reason for a performance like the one Thursday in St. Louis is unacceptable.

There is a way to lose.

But surely not in the way of efforts mixed, showing no intention to compete at the same level as the opponent.