Lapland: the arctic circle of finland

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Finland is a country of great nature, where lakes, rivers, and forests make up the majestic landscape at loss of sight. The vegetation in the heart of the arctic circle of finland is similar to that of the regions of Canada who are between the 48th and 55th parallel. But, in Finnish Lapland, it is located on the 67th parallel. This is well above Iceland ! Although his position was much further north than Kujjuaq, the effect of the ” Gulf Stream “, with its warm currents, creates a winter climate very pleasant, often punctuated by snow-storms, sticky. The landscapes take on an air of Christmas cards almost everyday…

Signaling typical to the entrance of the village of Kittilä.

Arrived in the area of Kittilä since a few days, I have become familiar with the signs and the style of driving local. I have also noticed that road salt is not customary in this corner of the world. This increases the challenge of driving since the roads are completely icy. Nevertheless, nine out of every ten cars, including mine, are equipped with Nokian tires with lots of nails, a product ” Made in Finland “.

At the heart of Levi, in an atmosphere of après-ski reign permanently.

A few kilometres from Kittilä, in the village of Levi is the reputation of the region. Outdoor activities are many and varied : alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and even sleigh rides pulled by reindeer. Thus, the visitors can experience the life style of the inhabitants of this territory outstanding. For my part, I opt for exploring the back-country and hiking trails. At the top of the ski mountain, in a landscape worthy of the ice age, the Panorama Hotel is a favourite place for sundowners.

Signaling in the trail on the mountain of Levi.

By the route 79…

Reindeer in Finnish Lapland embody the magic of Christmas and inhabit the imagination of children. They are numerous and easy to observe in the wild.

During my discussions with the ” local “, a question comes up : “Is it that you went to Rovaniemi ? “This has encouraged me to embark on my backpack in the car and head to Rovaniemi by road 79. A trip of 170 kilometers I have done in three hours because of bad road conditions. In addition, the presence of reindeer on the road is very common, and in the half-light, requires great caution. Late in the fall and at the height of winter, the hours of daylight are very limited in this northern region. But, when the sun is to the left for a few hours, it is a sunrise-to-sunset going on ! According to me, there is only one way to describe the light : just pure magic !

The residence of santa Claus, the real, is located in Rovaniemi, in the heart of santa’s village.

Arrived in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, I go to the famous village of the father Christmas. The real deal ! Not knowing what to expect, I can imagine a few scenarios. The attraction of highly tourism prevails. But, I have to admit, although I don’t think the father Christmas in a long time, this place knows how to put the magic of Christmas in the hearts of the toughest. I find myself even having to queue to see the real father Christmas, who is in a room which is a little recessed. However, the magic of Christmas was not enough to make me wait until the time of the famous meeting… I rather preferred a sleigh ride reindeer !

A model common mailbox on the roads.


Lozeau, the ideal partner for your vacation !