Lewis Hamilton won double

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Already crowned champion of the world drivers two weeks ago in Mexico, Lewis Hamilton came to obtain the the supreme consecration to a F1 racing team : the title of the builders.

The winner of Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, penultimate step in calendar 2018, the Uk has signed up to the 72nd victory of his illustrious career, while providing Mercedes a fifth crown in a row in the table of teams.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari), in the order, accompanied him on the podium. Lance Stroll was settled for the 18th spot after being jumped from the 19th spot on the starting grid.

“What a fucking idiot “

Party in pole position, Hamilton did not, however, been easy, since this success would probably not have been hers if Max Verstappen, named unsurprisingly the driver of the day, had not been involved in an incident controversial with Esteban Ake (Racing Point Force India).

Aboard his Red Bull, the boy wonder Dutch was to orchestrate a second consecutive win in F1, he still has not realized, when he found the French on its passage to the 44th lap while he was the head of the event.

Verstappen saw his rival, who conceded yet a turn of late, not only the doubling of the braking at the end of the straight of start/finish, but also to resist him at the exit of the second corner.

The contact was inevitable between the young cocks and their two single-seaters are parties to a head-to-tail.

When they were able to take their paths, Verstappen, furious, has clearly shown its anger in him directing a finger of honor and in the treating of “fucking idiot” on the radio waves.

Ake has been hanging around for two rounds

Once the race is finished, the discussion, yet more muscular, has continued in the closed park where all drivers must be present for the weigh-in.

Of the images captured by the French network Canal + show Verstappen will take it verbally and physically to his / her opponent had to leave to go to the ceremonies after the race.

The behavior of the Ake to the track has not escaped the vigilance of the commissioners who were forced to serve a penalty of ten seconds [stop and go] after the incident.

“He came out of the pits in front of me and I stayed behind him for two laps,” explained Ake. But I was faster and my engineer advised me to double it to get my tower late.

“I carried out the same maneuver at the place of Fernando Alonso and other drivers earlier and everything was fine. But to me, he closed the door unfairly.

“What I deplore the most is his behavior… crazy after the race. He started to push me and what is not sporting.”

Ake and Verstappen had done was to revive old quarrels that date back a few years during their career in F3.

Verstappen too reckless ?

In motor sport, the latecomers placed in situations akin to Ake (he was up to 15th place when he is chamaillé with Verstappen) must comply with the orders of the blue flags that require them to leave the way when the leaders appear in their rear view mirrors.

But there is no rule which stipulates that a leader, the less easy because he raises slightly the foot to save his mechanical or other, may be exceeded by an adversary who wants to recover his turn.

It has been seen frequently in the past, leaders got double crossed by pilot licensor a turn of delay. Without wanting to defend anyone, Verstappen had surely noticed that Ake was travelling faster than him.

Resisting him was not the right approach, especially given that Hamilton was not a serious threat behind him…

“This race was ours, has insinuated Verstappen. We would have had to win.”

All the same

Stroll and Williams, have attempted to improve their fate after a qualifying session, catastrophic, another, the day before.

After being off from the 19th position when the red lights are turned off, the quebec driver was one of the first to stop (the 17th of the 71 towers) to change its tyres.

The strategy has not really worked since it was kept in the back of the pack during the entire race, while being forced to make a second stop at wells to six laps from the conclusion.

“It was a long race and difficult,” said Stroll. I had to manage my race according to the leaders who I had to let the constant passage. The car was much too slow.”

Stroll was the last of the drivers to have managed to finish everything by conceding two laps to the winner, as in 2017. And, as if that wasn’t enough, his team-mate Sergey Sirotkin (16th) has once again advanced the curtain falls.

Like what, the races follow and look the same for the pilot in montreal.