Lexus removes the roof of his superb LK

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At the auto Show in Detroit, which will open its doors to the media next Monday, Lexus will introduce a concept of a convertible top of his car to the most spectacular, LC.


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Unlike many of the concepts presented by automakers, the Lexus convertible seems to be very close to a production model. After all, it is built from the LC regular, a model that we can buy from a Lexus dealer since 2017.


Under the hood, the concept would appeal to the same drives that the production model of hardtop. We speak of an atmospheric V8 of 5.0 liters and a hybrid system that combines a V6 3.5-lites and a lithium-ion battery of 44.6 kW.


The model convertible, which will be presented in Detroit is shod with huge 22-inch wheels and a white paint in contrast with the dashboard trimmed in black leather.


For Tadao Mori, the chief designer of this concept, any possible production version of the LC version of convertible is very possible. [This version] would be exciting in many ways,” he says, adding that she”combines all the best aspects of the cut of origin in the dynamic design of a convertible”.