Lindsay Lohan in a parody of Bird Box

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Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on the talk show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday night, where she joined the host, comedian Steve Higgins and some members of the group of musicians animating the show for a parody of the thriller Netflix Bird Box, which follows the character of Sandra Bullock and two children to cross a forest and a river blindfolded in order to avoid supernatural entities.

For the parody, Jimmy Fallon took over the role of Sandra Bullock and gave his comrades the instruction not to remove their blindfold under any circumstances while sailing in the studio.

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“I will say this only once : we’ll start the journey now. It’s going to be difficult, but you must do everything I tell you. Here’s the most important thing : you may not under any circumstances remove your blindfold. If we cast a glance, you will not survive, he said. We can’t look at it.”

The troupe finally arrived in an empty office where they removed their blindfold, then discovering Lindsay Lohan in the process of replicating the dance moves seen in the video which has become viral on social media in September. She was filmed partying in a bar in Mykonos, Greece.

“Go ! Join me! It’s fun, ” says the star, smiling. And all begin to dance except one of the musicians who exclaim: “I commend my headband.”

In the interview that followed, Jimmy Fallon interviewed the actress on her dancing and asked her what she thought of the hashtag, which eventually became #DoTheLilo.

The star 32-year-old was promoting her reality show Lindsay Lohan”s Beach Club, explained that she did not know she was being filmed at that time and that she was very “embarrassed” by his dance moves.

“We had an evening of “pride”. All the people I’ve met have done a very good job and so I wanted to let them have fun. And then they made me get on the podium. I said to myself : “OK, I’m going to dance. But I didn’t know what was going on with this #DoTheLilo, she added. I hadn’t even seen the video before I talk about it. It is so annoying to me now ! You need to understand that ! I don’t dance ever again !”