Mandatory winter tires: a date that is about to change

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For 10 years now, Quebecers must fit their car with winter tires during the cold season.


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It is the 15th of December 2008 that officially came into force the mandatory use of tires designed to respond well to our winters.

A decade later, it is now in our habits. But now the settlement is on the point of change.

As of next year, the quebec motorists will have to install their winter tires a bit earlier, as the deadline for their installation will increase from the 15th to the 1st of December.

Note that this change of date in the highway safety Code shall not come into force until 2019. This year, therefore, the December 15 remains the deadline for the winter tires. They should then remain in place until march 15, inclusively, after which time it will be legal to get back to pneumatic in summer.

Remember that these dates represent the limits established by the Law, and not a suggestion. Rather, it is recommended to install winter tires on his car at the end of the month of October and not to be removed before the end of the month of April.

Remember that the winter often happens surreptitiously. And in the spring, when it is believed that the snow is finally behind us, mother Nature often has a latest storm in his sleeve!


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